Hi, in a couple of months i will be getting my first tattoo and i have an idea of what i want to get, although im not sure if it would translate well into a tattoo.

Any help would be appreciated, also if anyone could give me an idea of how much it may cost thatd also be great. Id plan it to be on my upper arm, probably going from shoulder to the elbow, and also in full colour.

Heres a link for the idea: Google Image Result for http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-cG0FYH89LpI/TZTjyG_BAeI/AAAAAAAAAY8/du9sFBUiaYo/s320/between-the-buried-and-me-the-parallax-hypersleep-dialogues%2528ep%2529.png

Many thanks


Should say i dont plan to have the black banner with the writing in the tat


I should think that would make a horrible tattoo, but hopefully one of the artists will chime in.

test sig

That will probably look like a blob of crap buy if that is what you want then go for it. As for cost it would be around 67,960.00 rupee


It wouldn’t work.


As a back piece from a great artist I think it could look sweet.

Plan on £3000 to £5000 and you wont go far wrong.


that is going to be hard to translate into a tattoo, honestly there’s way too much going on. You could simplify it a bit, would make a nice chest piece. I’m not really sure what i’m looking at, are those locusts or something? Anyways, if you took those main figures and built around them and ditched the cluttered back round it could be nice. For a full chest plate, you’re looking at a couple grand.

Honestly bro if your worried about money and trying to get a piece of artwork of that calibur rendered into a tattoo, I fear for you. Make sure you find someone that will want to even attempt something like that, and research his/her portfolio. Good luck.