ok so yesterday i went in and got a scripture tattooed on my left side on my ribs. it includes the word “mutitude” and the guy made the “l” a “f” since the script is parchment and the two letters look similar.

He said to come back in 2 weeks when it should be healed (does that sound right?)
and that he will fix it by making shadow markings with white (first he said grey) on some letters including the “f” so it will cover the slash.
he felt incredibly bad! and of course this will be free…

my question is, will this work out right??? any other suggestions on how to cover this little mistake???? i have a pic if you need to see but idk, im trying not to cry about it cuz i have faith this will work :confused:



OMG! please answer SOMEONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


ok well. considering the stuff up and the seriousness of the mistake, i would be very angry myself and moments from killing someone but thats just me.

Have you had a look at the artists folio? If their is some good stuff in their then im certain this is just a simple mistake that can be fixed by himself. If you doubt his artistic ability then by all means let it heal and hunt down someone else.
Going by the mistake i would be questioning how long they have been tattooing.

It could work but would not be completley hidden. One would be able to just notice it up close buit from afar it should be ok.
There is no darker or deeper colour then black so the white and grey shadows will only camoflage the mistake.
Though i would be going to someone else for this as for the artist to accidently stuff up the spelling it makes me question his ability to finish the tattoo which would be difficult for most artists to pull off.

Go find someone else. good luck.

those who cast the first stone, condemn themselves…..

I second that. Find another place quickly. The guy that messed it up will tell you all kind of things to make you think he’s handled something like this before. Odds are, he is going to “try” something he’s never done. Search for artists that specialize in cover up work. That’s what my wife did after a bad experience, and it has all worked out.

good luck and keep us posted


to me it looks like it was stenciled as an f and he didnt just do it on the spot .
its the same as the other f in for . did you check it before he started ??

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youre right, it was stenciled but i did double check, i mean it is a tattoo. i considered the fact that i had made a mistake so i double checked the print out for him and it was his bad.

i told him that as well and he said he wished it was my fault but that it wasnt…:(


thanks for the reply tattman91. umm he is experienced and he did do my previous tatts. he does have a portfolio and has covered up bigger mistakes that were not his. i just question how some it is….grrrrrrrr idk what to do.

i want to trust him fixing it cuz going to someone else might increase my chances of not liking it….

i will let you guys know how it goes


thats easily fixable. just add to the bottom of the l… the line that makes the ‘f’ will blend in because its equal on the other letters…