I got my tattoo on September 10th (5 weeks ago) and got a touch up on the 8th (10 days ago) I was doing really well with taking care of it, used only thin layers of aquaphor for the first 6 days. Although on Saturday and Sunday I only put Lubriderm on it twice, once in the morning and once at night. I accidentally peeled a little bit off while i was at the gym, and its gotten bigger. Is it peeling? Or is it scabs falling off and it’s going to fade? I can’t upload pictures so here are links to them.
Right after the gym
Today, the 18th
Thanks in advance. My first tattoo ended up being a pretty shitty one lol Getting some actual Art on my next piece.


all tattoos fade a bit based on the fact the ink your seeing on the surface and as part of the scab are right on the surface and the ink is below the surface afterwards.
let it heal fully then send us some more pics so we can have a proper look once its healed. . if there are any bits that are not consistent then possibly another touchup might be needed but generally black ink appears slightly faded compared to the initial tattoo.

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