…heard they get fussy? now the thing is i wont be 18 at that time can i still get them done even tho im her legal gardian?


    I waited till my daughter was a year old and she cried for like 20 seconds and that was the end of it.


    I personally hate the fact that people pierce children before they are old enough to make their own mind up. I feel the child almost becomes a kind of accessory when it should make no difference at all and can be for no other reason at that age.
    My opinion and you will not agree but I free to give my view:rolleyes:


    having your kids ears pierced at 6 months old is absolutely ridiculous

    what on earth are you thinking?

    make her look pretty compared to the other babies???

    let her go and get her own ears pierced when she is about 13 years older


    I totally agree with scrubmuncher. Why would YOU decide to put holes in your daughter’s ears? I love piercings and tattoos, but I waited until my daughter ASKED me to get her ears pierced before she got them done. She was 6 at the time. I never mentioned it to her, she just came to me one day and said she wanted it done. I made her wait a week and then asked if she was still sure of what she wanted and we got them done that weekend. I hope you wait, but it is your child.


    @tallcoolone 22901 wrote:

    I hope you wait, but it is your child.

    But not her body!
    I’d have thought anyone/piercer/jeweler with a decent moral or ethical practice would turn her away anyway. Hopefully. 😡


    It is sad that there is a test to get your drivers liscense, but no test to become a parent and be totally responsible for the life of a human being.


    @tallcoolone 22904 wrote:

    It is sad that there is a test to get your drivers liscense, but no test to become a parent and be totally responsible for the life of a human being.

    I wouldn’t say getting a 6month olds ears pierced make anyone a bad or irrisponsible parent. I mean we have worse practices in the world which are quite acceptable, I’m sure no little boy wants Circumcision performed:eek: but thats all about religion, belief in cleanliness and whatever else they want to presume chopping off body parts we are born with before being old enough to walk is good for.
    6 month old ear piercing seems nothing more than dressing up a Barbie doll and at the end of the day it’s not what bringing up a baby is about, It holds no maral standing with me (but who am I?), but I’m sure people can justify it to themselves, only problem is if it became septic, even slight infection in an ear at that age can cause huge problems for the childs hearing, full stop. Our immune system need to build up a bit before we start lancing ourselves with stuff, besides all the ethical and moral standards come into it.
    What will be will be :p


    I just don’t like it when babies are pierced. I used to have a home daycare and not only does the aspect of infection scare me, but I have saved several babies from choking on earrings or the earring backs. The kind for babies are not supposed to come off, but they do sometimes. I like your point of view on things. No, it doesn’t make you a bad parent, and we as parents don’t always make the right decisions for our children.


    that is seriously fucked up. your putting your kids through pain for now reason other than your desire for them to look a certain way. the fact your daughter only cried for 20 seconds seems to make you think its alright. thats bollocks


    Don’t you think your daughter should get to decide herself if she wants the piercings? Not to mention the pain, risk of infection and it’s also more likely your daughter will develope an allergy to metals.
    So I think you should wait and see if your daughter wants them herself later on when she’s capable of making the decision herself.


    Why are you doing this?

    To make your baby somehow aesthetically superior to other babies? It’s bullshit.

    Love your daughter for who she is, and respect her unborn discretion.

    I sincerely hope you fail in finding a piercer who will agree to break your baby’s skin.


    I certanly agree with scrubmuncher


    yea…i can’t say getting your childs ears pierced at such an early age is such the wise thing to do. :// you should definitely just let it be && wait for her to come to you…chances are, she may not even want any piercings! i didn’t get mine done until i was 10 && had asked my mom about it.
    piercing her ears is like telling the dentist to go ahead and pull all her teeth out now because she won’t be as “pissy” [basically because she can’t talk] maybe that’s a bit extreme…but you wouldn’t do that would you? let her come to you.


    I watched a baby get her ears pierced the other day, she screamed so loud I thought my ears were going to explode. Why do people do this to their babies, I just don’t get it. It’s painful and YOU are making the decision, shouldn’t you child be able to make her own decision before getting a permanent hole in her ears. I didnt get my ears pierced until I was 14 and I told my mom I was ready so we went down and got them down the same day. I think that this was the perfect way to do it, causing your baby pain and stress for beauty. Whats next? just because ear piercings look cute does not make it alright to pierce your baby. I hope that any decent piercer turns you away, what happened to age limits anyway, is there not an age limit for ear piercing maybe 12. There should be.


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