Another episode tonight. I love tattoos, but I still have some teenager in me it seems and the drama is entertaining.


The people who brought you Miami Ink, LA Ink, and NY Ink have a brand new tattoo competition show coming out, and we’re looking for YOU!

Open Casting Call Looking For Human Canvases For Tattoo Competition Reality Series

Are you all inked up and ready for your next big piece? Or, are you a first timer who has always wanted a tattoo, and now you’re FINALLY ready to take the plunge onto an artist’s table? Are you ready for a portrait to memorialize a loved one, or have you always wanted to cover up a tattoo that you got on a drunken college night and now HATE? Have you and your crew always wanted to get ink together?

If so, Spike TV wants to hear from you! We’re bringing together some of the BEST tattoo artists in the game for “InkMaster,” and we’re looking for people who want to be their next canvas! If you’re 27+, in the tri-state area, email us at inkcastingNYC@gmail.com with a description and a recent photo of yourself, along with an idea of the tattoo you want and why. Interviews will be conducted the week of June 27 in New York City. Filming will take place in July & August in the NYC area.

Spike TV’s “InkMaster” is the first-ever tattoo competition series that features some of the nation’s top tattoo artists on a quest to determine who is the best at their craft and win a huge cash prize. “InkMaster” is produced by Original Media, the production company behind “LA Ink,” “NY Ink,” “Miami Ink,” and “The Rachel Zoe Project, ” among others.


I can’t belive Ami got that shit on his neck. :p
Show is good, but the people there could work at a drama sweatshop.


I’m still watching NY Ink… it’s funny and entertaining and there’s nothing else to watch at 10. :p

I thought Tommy’s killer bee tattoo he did on Method Man was good but he out did himself with that rose and hands tattoo. That’s probably the best tattoo so far this season. And Ami keeps doing little simple shit… wtf?? I thought he was supposed to be this world class tattoo artist? :confused::rolleyes:


Tommy’s tattoo was incredible! I really don’t think Ami is all that good of an artist. I think he’s a businessman first, tattoo artist second. he said he cant’ do text, can’t do portraits, and none of his tattoos on Miami ink were amazing. I think he’s a good artist, but it’s all the other artists that are incredible and world class.


Ami simply creates a studio by getting his world-class friends in it with him. He just does the simple stuff and lets the GOOD artists do anything challenging. 🙂

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I can stand NY ink and Miami ink, but LA ink is just awful, god those attention whores are annoying.

Even NY ink seems pretty scripted, it’s more about ratings than good tattoos. Way too much time is spent interviewing the client about their personal story, it gets old and boring.

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Now it’s not even so much about the person’s story, it’s about the drama and relationships. I enjoy it though, I couldn’t stand LA Ink, and once they got rid of Pixie, that was it for me haha