I’m aware of a huge mistake I made. I got a “sleeve” but it was done by several different artists. I originally had nothing more then just a little guitar playing skeleton on my right arm.

Years later, I got the skulls, flames, and dragon stuff around that guitar playing skeleton. By that same artist, I got the circle of fifths done on my forearm. I wasn’t too happy with this guys work though, so I decided not to go to him anymore.

I then wanted to add some stuff in between my shoulder and my forearm in my bicep and tricep area. I decided to go to a new (and MUCH BETTER artist). I thought that by filling in that empty space, it would give the appearance of a sleeve. I was wrong though.

After I realized that my arm looked like a jumble of pieces, I decided to have that last artist (the best one) try and make it all “flow together”. She did some shading to the top area, to the previous artists’ work…and she started doing some flames and smoke to try and make it all look like a sleeve.

It looks OKAY now. I mean, her specific pieces (the devil girl playing the piano, and the crossroads signs) look AMAZING. The actual “flow” of the “sleeve” is what I’m still not too happy about. Please give me your honest opinion of it all.

Here’s the link of how it looked before she started trying to make it all flow:


And here is what it looks like now (I still have one final session to go):



I don’t mind if you tell me it looks like shit! I’m getting a sleeve on my leg, and my lesson has been learned to just do it all at once!


Dude the inside of the arm flows well it’s just that hard line on the outside of your arm that cuts off any flow.
I think getting several artists doing a sleeve is fine as long as that is the plan from the start.


I agree with buttwheat. I don’t see how it doesn’t flow. It defiantly does and the work isn’t bad whatsoever. The only stoppage of flow is the cut-off point at your elbow and that “line” so to speak beneath the skeleton work. Other than that, looks fine to me.


Looks fine to me


the middle crossroad section is not as heavily shaded as the devil girl or guitar playing skelly, flow is ok, I would have a REAL GOOD artist shade it up to blend seemlessly……..it still looks like seperate pieces to me,
not bad, but I think it could be real good


Thanks for the feedback fellas. I know this forum is definitely not one to hold back their true feelings at all, so if I don’t get any “That looks horrible” responses, I guess I’m good to go!:D

I agree with what you say too Mr. Chen…the crossroads tattoo is a very good one, but it is lighter then the rest of the work. I may talk to her about that during my next session.

Like I said, it doesn’t look too bad overall, but I still wish I would’ve gotten it done all at once….lesson learned.

I have an appt to get a leg sleeve done on my right shin….I almost started out with a “eh…just start with a small piece, and eventually I may turn it into a sleeve”, but then I remembered what happened last time!

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