so a cover up is out? You like that?


why did the scouts pick this as their emblem………….?????


Why is just a matter of Sir Robert Baden-Powell’s personal preference.

Baden-Powell started the scouting movement in 1907 and chose their logo. He chose to immitate the arm-badge of the “Scouts” (reconnaissance specialists), of which he was a part when he served in the British Army. The classical description of this shape in Scouting literature connects the “Compass Rose” with the purpose of Scouting’s principles—namely that Scouting gives one’s life direction.

test sig

LOL, i never heard of the dude before………….

i guess the french monarcy flower iris symbol was better than his first choice……

Jeal argues that Baden-Powell’s distrust of communism led to his implicit support, through naïveté, of fascism. In 1939 Baden-Powell noted in his diary: “Lay up all day. Read Mein Kampf. A wonderful book, with good ideas on education, health, propaganda, organization etc.-and ideals which Hitler does not practise himself.

Baden-Powell admired Benito Mussolini early in the Italian fascist leader’s career and some early Scouting badges had a swastika symbol on them.

According to Rosenthal, Baden-Powell used the swastika because he was a Nazi sympathizer. Jeal, however, argues that Baden-Powell was naïve of the symbol’s growing association with fascism and maintained that his use of the symbol related to its earlier, original meaning of “good luck” in Sanskrit, for which purpose the symbol had been used for centuries prior to the rise of fascism.

In conflict with the idea that Powell was a Nazi supporter is the fact that Baden-Powell was a target of the Nazi regime in the Black Book, which listed individuals who were to be arrested during and after an invasion of Great Britain as part of Operation Sealion. Scouting was regarded as a dangerous spy organization by the Nazis.

………and now i know why the scouts are so homophobic…

Early discussion of Baden-Powell’s sexuality focused on his relationship with his close friend Kenneth McLaren.Tim Jeal’s later biography Baden-Powell discusses the relationship and concludes that there is no conclusive evidence that this friendship was physical.

Jeal then examines Baden-Powell’s views on women, his appreciation of the male form, his military relationships and his marriage, indicating that Baden-Powell could be a repressed homosexual.Jeal’s conclusion is shared by some biographers and disputed by others, but not yet examined in any detail by scholars.

not that i believe everything i read in wiki………….:p



I agree, the scroll looks silly without something in it. As for something to accent, flames doesn’t really strike me as something that would offset this well. Maybe some sort of filigree, but that might be too feminine if you don’t get it just right. Other than that, I’m not quite sure what would go well with a fleur de lis.

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