So quick to negativity. why don’t you PM your problem to the person rather than mess up a post? Just my thoughts! BACK to the tattoo…….keep it how it is and think more before your next one as stated!!

Morwin Nerdbane
xxTOPDOGxx;77497 wrote:
Your post is annoying. Do you intentionally write like that, or do you have no grasp on the english language? Is it really easier to write “itz” than “it’s”.

That kind of writing rubs me up the wrong way too so you aren’t alone mate.

On the tattoo in question. My advice is leave your wrist alone and DON’T get anything else until you grow up a bit. Being depressed about the placement of ink after just 3 weeks suggests that you had the tat done on impulse and didn’t stop to consider….well anything in terms of how permanent it is or how it will look once it’s on. DON’T disfigure yourself on a whim anymore!


Damn, I thought I was bad at one point of second guessing. As time goes forward and the more tattoos you get, the more accustomed you are to accept your first decision and move on from there. IMHO, this is more of an obsession than a depression because I see NO point in being depressed about this. You got what you wanted and it’s a place where everyone can see. I think it’ll be dumb to put the same word on your arm because it’ll make no sense and people will question the need to put the same tat twice. You should just in-cooperate maybe a banner with the word or an image that signifies what that word means to you. It’ll all connect with your “passion” for the word passion.

Don’t lose sleep over it, it’s alright haha.


IMO, that same tattoo being in the middle of your arm would look worse. Plus, what if you and up wanting a half sleeve or something like that, then youve got a problem because youve got this single word in the middle of your arm.

Whatever you do, think about for a while. By a while i mean a few months. You need some time to think things over, and with tattoos you dont want to rush it.


I think you should leave it alone, take your time and consider something else more artistic and creative for your upper arm. The script isn’t beautifully done in my opinion but for what it is the wrist placement is fine, it wouldn’t look right on the upper arm. Lasering would be too painful and costly and probably not worth it. And not to sound too critical but not every tattoo has to have some deep, emotional meaning revolving around your life story. This is real life, not one of those damn tv shows.

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