First of all hi to everyone. Im new here I have a question for you guys. I just got my phoenix tattoo done on my right arm. Its not finished yet, I got the background done and the bird. Now I only need to finish coloring the bird. So I was hoping you guys could give me some suggestions for colors. Im thinking about the regular fire colors, orange, red and yellow, but im also thinking about maybe a blue, red maroon combination. What do you guys think?


The centre of a flame is often blue, why don’t you have some blue in the actual phoenix, and then maybe some green flecks round the outside for contrast?

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That is a super sweet tattoo. I know you wanted ideas for colours but it looks to me like it would look sick shaded black and gre.y


It’s already a killer piece my man, I’m not sure I’d go for colors. However, if you’re dead set on colors, I’d go with vibrant fire colors, red, orange, with a little blue and white added in.

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its really cool!i agree with Knighthawk, let us know what u did


Damn, I love the entire piece from top to bottom. I like the proportion as well. It blends together perfectly with the background. The negative space of the Phoenix was done well too. I like it black and white, but color will add more of a major pop to it. +1.


Well what I had initially planned was to have just the phoenix, with no background. But my tattoo artist told me that the phoenix was in a symmetrical shape. It would look weird on my arm without a background. If you look at the one wing goes up and circles and the other one goes down and circles. So we decided to get a background. But I wasnt expecting anything this sick! And I also wanted the phoenix just black with shades, but I figured with the dark background it would make it pop and look so much more vivid. Im kinda leaning towards the regular fire colors, red orange and yellow, but Im not giving up on the blue and green idea yet. Anyway thanks for advices!

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