Ok guys!

Some of you may already know my story. Its kinda long, but in a nutshell…. Got terrible chest tattoos (in my opinion). They were suppose to be asymmetrical. Didnt happen. I went to a lovely tattoo artist. She is doing her best to make me happy. Which seems to hard when you don’t love ur tatts. ANYWAYS!

The ugly start to a lonnggg process…


After one flower fix:


Now what I am planning to do since I hate the flowers on their own….


I really love this chest piece design.
Only down fall is that my left bundle of Forget me not flowers cover up half of the lily next to it, while the right one is busting out. This is due to my bundles being an inch off. SO…
Our plan is to shrink everything down a little so more lily is showing, but then add little nuevo grapes to the right bundle to help take up space on the lily next to it. So in the end we aren’t making the center piece off.
Catch my drift?

This is the lilys I am getting:


Also… Any suggestions on what color I should make the center piece (circle).

I’m a little nervous but excited if you can’t tell. ๐Ÿ™‚


ALSO! This is what I look like, which will hopefully help with coloring.


Obviously I’m the girl. ๐Ÿ™‚

Since I am a natural redhead and fair skinned, I want the right colors. For the center piece I was thinking clay green, light clay brown, or maybe a light steely grey. What do u think?


The flowers really don’t look as bad as you think they do. But with the whole chest piece, it looks amazing!
For your hair, skin, and eyes, I’d say definitely go with greens and some purples.


The redesign looks awesome


That’s going to look really cool.


That is going to be awesome. I would say an emerald green for the centerpiece.


That design looks so freakin’ sweet!


Wow you guys really know how to relax someone. Thanks for the re-assurance. ๐Ÿ™‚

So you guys think i should just add on to the right side to cover a little more of the lily?

I don’t wanna end up making the flowers asymmetrial.


Looks great, I think what you and your artist have planned should work fine.


I think it’ll look really nice when it’s finished. I am glad you decided to connect the tattoos. And…I love lilies! Those colors will go great with the blue flowers.



I have to say that from personal taste the flowers you had were very nice to begin with. The adding to the tattoo is going to make a nice tattoo into an awesome piece.

I really love the extra design work.

Colours – I would go for something light greens, pinks, blues would all work really well.

The other thing with ink is (especially symmetry) is that the wearer will always notice those tiny issues that others don’t because they are too busy admiring the work.

Me and my artist spend hours pouring over my backpiece and say we need to do X with that and other artists there were going ‘What! Nothing wrong with it!’.

It is just human nature but that is going to look spectacular and I would def like to keep up with the process.

Take Care


the design is beautiful . just be 100% sure before you get it done because it will seem like a big change done very suddenly .

Butterfly;64045 wrote:
the design is beautiful . just be 100% sure before you get it done because it will seem like a big change done very suddenly .

This is very true. It may shock me because it will be a lot all at once.


I think it will look great once it’s done, I’m a natural redhead too so I’d say avoid orange and stay with the greens and pink/lilacs……….good luck. Karen


I can’t help but keep coming back to look at it! I usually hate chest pieces on women, but I absolutely LOVE this one! Man, I am quite jealous!!

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