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    I’m trying to get a better sense of what people choose as a first ever tattoo, where they typically choose to place it on the body, and why.
    Is it a personal design or artists design?

    (Testimonies and photos welcomed!)



    was a tattoo machine i did myself ialways knew i would be an artist


    tattoos? ha! enjoy conforming eh?


    Sexy Mama

    My first Tattoo was an Orchid with vine coming across my lower back There is a picture of it on my, my space at http://www.myspace.com/hardcoreskills sorry if that doesn’t take you to it the computer i am on doesn’t let me get on my space, any way i got it because i got out of a really bad relationship it was my way of breaking free the flower represented me beautiful, bright, vibrant, Strong and willing to stand alone. i got it on my lower back because it was easy top cover up and no one knew i would have it unless i showed them.


    this is a pic of my first tattoo. words are good but pics are better.


    @ironhorse95 20703 wrote:

    words are good but pics are better.

    I’m with you ironhorse95! Here is a pic of my first. I put it on my right breast because it was my first and I was told that that was a good place to put one, as a woman–wouldn’t hurt much (not that they do anywhere) and I can choose to show it or not. The reason I chose the design was as a way to describe myself: I keep my heart well protected because there is something very beautiful and unique inside.

    sharp shorty

    Mine was a primative swastica on my ancle, I was 9 years old. I could take a picture but It’s blended into a quarter inch ink blob.

    My first professional tattoo is a dragon on my chest, It was done about six years ago, and it really looks like shit, all blown out, color is spotty, the dragons head looks like something else, and while he was working on me he burnt the shit out of me with a sun lamp, I’m talking burnt me purple with blisters. That was the last tattoo I got from that guy!!


    still in progress. got the cross and chinese letters done a month between each session, and the bamboo is going to be finished up in about 2 weeks.


    I don’t have a tattoo, but my husband’s first tattoo is a wolf print on his leg, just above his ankle.


    mine was a skull on my left forearm i was 19 at the time and today i regret it cause it looks like crap lol im lookin at covering it up with something less evil and more presentable


    Wolfie Girl

    Mine was a dolphin on my ankle. I got it to remind me to always enjoy life and live each day to the fullest. I got it 11 years ago and just this year had it fixed up to brighten it a bit.






    I got my first tattoo about 4 1/2ish months ago. I actually went and got it after the first day of my Junior year…

    Its an ankh, heart, and ring. It represents Life, love, and loyalty. I got it on the back of my neck mostly because thats the only way my mom would agree to let me get it.

    (I hope I put the picture on here right… 😛 )


    this cross on my lower back with lots of lines around it. designed it myself.

    flash is boring.


    my first tat is a heart on fire it’s located on my foot. 1 inch above my toes. I took it when one of my bestfriends died.


    If you look at my profile, you will see both of mine. Bugs Bunny was the first though. I just liked the pics and wanted to show them somehow. My g/f suggested tattooing them on me.

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