Motorcycles.Tattoos;107757 wrote:
i might go somewhere else if i had a fortune to spend on tattoos and i was willing to wait months and months for someone famous. they don’t do bad work.

Well I just saw your other thread and I have to disagree. None of those tats are well done and some are just downright awful.

mrchen;107785 wrote:
Brandon Bond and crew at All or Nothing
Vince Villalvazo and Jace Masula Mystic Owl
Russ Abbott, Les Collier at Ink and Dagger
Phil Co

I just had a luck at some of this work and you can’t go wrong. I don’t understand this dumb ass logic of I want a tattoo right now and are willing to cut quality to have a quick tattoo. The quality of tattoo work is so high right now you don’t need to pay for bad work. If you can’t afford the rates don’t get tattooed or work harder until you can afford it thats what I have done.


Is olivas still tattooing considering his health condition?


not right now but Im not giving up on him yet, he has been in the hospital alot but I am expecting a recovery and I hope back to work


quality work is the name of the game, in the ling run money doesnt matter, your body is a temple, this shit doesnt come off, most of the OP’s work will be met with his regret later,

dont rush,
sleep on your idea,
find the best artist you can find,
pay whatever they want,
you will be happy

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