ArniVidar;94555 wrote:
Never said anything about sleeve tattoos.

I thought stuff like that was forbidden for a priest 🙂

Are you going to bark all day little doggy or are you going to bite?
ThirtySix;94419 wrote:
I hope that you all find time to visit the petition site and add your support…


Thanks once again and it’ll be great to get this debated in Parliament!

There are facebook pages set up for the campaign as the petition is limited to 12 months in order to raise 100,000 signatures….



I’ll be vote now,I am also increasing up from the new culture in which tattoos are much more socially accepted.

Ned Kelly;94454 wrote:
Apologies for being a scrooge right off the bat, but am I the only one who feels that private business owners should be able to hire whomever they please? Do you really want ‘the gubment’ making laws favoring either party. Sheesh. Get tattoed at your own risk, educate peopple, be a good example or start your own business. 😉 I’ll be quieted now.

No, agree with this too.
As an employer, I certainly wouldn’t discriminarmte against someone with ink (be a bit hypocritical anyway 😉 ) but, if an interview candidate had “death to society” or something tattoed across their forehead I would certainly take that into account when considering their application depending, of course, on the role they were applying for

Tattoo: A permanent reminder of a temporary feeling.

From the Urban dictionary

Tattoo design, any design, CLICK HERE


I interview a number of people. I just want the best person and as most wear suits, who knows and even less cares what under there, but hypothetically lets say I wanted to discriminate against blonde hair. I would report back to the employment agent I don’t like that person because of their hair, but I didn’t think they had enough experience etc etc. There is no way of determining that I discriminated. So trying to get a law is not going to work. Just like an existing employee – you were late 3 times, you didn’t complete this task as fast as I think you should.
Basically those of us that have to cover up – cover up, or find a job where you don’t have to cover up. I know I was very envious of the removalists that moves a department beside mine, most of the guys were tattooed and wasn’t I envious, and the few that weren’t what a waste.

ArniVidar;94526 wrote:
Probably no the only one, no, but I for one don’t think it’s right that a black man won’t get hired because he’s black, or that a woman won’t get hired because she’s a woman. Why should tattooed people be any worse than other people?

In the case of ethnicity and religion then that kind of discrimination should be looked at further but people who come in for an interview with me with neck/hand tattoos or a gaping holes in their ear won’t be getting a 2nd interview.
This may come across as harsh and discriminative but in comparison to ethnicity and religious beliefs being tattooed or modified in some way is a complete personal choice and particularly in face to face jobs like retail you aren’t going to get the job against tough competition with the same skills/experience.

I believe when you get tattooed or modified in some way you are aware that in this country you narrow the types of jobs you go for.

I will be 20hrs in after next Friday and I would love to go full sleeves but I just know that my career wouldn’t go much further in the company I work for, wearing long sleeves through the summer without the option to roll them up would become tedious as my half sleeves are too low to wear short sleeves currently.

When there I have the possibilities of a full back piece and all my legs with space I wouldn’t consider neck or hands and besides that people just woudn’t look at you the same and I just couldn’t be doing with it.


It’s actually pathetic how people judge people for tattoo’s… They think some ink in there skin changes them as a person.

Are you going to bark all day little doggy or are you going to bite?