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It’s time, I want my first tattoo! My friend recently told me that he got a tattoo, and he’s Italian and Irish so he put those two flags on his arm. It looks cool and all, but it’s not really what I want to do. From my mom’s side, I’m 50% Assyrian, then from my dad I’m Polish, German, Irish, English, and Czech. I have no idea how to work those all into one tattoo. :p Instead of using flags, I want to use a symbol or something representing it. I told my friend about this tattoo idea, and here are a few things she came up with:

Assyrian star:
Irish/Celtic knot?

Her ideas:
Idea 1

Idea 2 (Polish and Assyrian)

Any ideas how to bring all of these (some) together? Order from largest to smallest on dad’s side: Polish, German, Irish, English, and Czech. To me it looks like it’ll be nearly impossible to put them all into one tattoo, so I think I’ll have to choose a few that looks good together and go with that. Hope someone can help! 🙂


Your friend is pretty good at coming up with ideas. Both those designs are good, but the thing about the second one is you really can’t see the star behind the bird. The first one would be your best bet. Your artist can probably incorporate the bird with the first design. I’m think having the bird just below the first design looking up at it (if that makes any sense). Or have the bird sitting on top of the first design.


I think the second one could be bad ass, if it was arranged differently. Have the bird the main feat, and the incorporate the star into it somehow. I wouldn’t have the star as a background, which hides most of it.


Go with idea number 2. Take it to a kickass artist let him rework it then get that shit inked.

buttwheat;92932 wrote:
Go with idea number 2. Take it to a kickass artist let him rework it then get that shit inked.

I agree with this, just don’t try to cram too much stuff into it. It’s funny because many eurpoean countries used a variaition of that eagle. I have a similar looking german eagle on my arm and my buddy keeps telling me it’s a polish falcon to bust my ass. I used the colors of the german flag in mine.

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