Well I’m kinda new here and dont know much about tattoos. I have a scar that I believe can be tattooed over. I’m wondering if there are enough colors so that one of them can match the color of my skin. And I also want to know if it can be done, and if anyone has done it before.



not sure what your asking but it sounds like you want to tattoo normal skin color over a scar, right? if so, the skin will still be a different texture than the unscarred skin tissue. but maybe im just lost and read your question in a different manner than you were asking. and yes you can tattoo over a scar if its not too bad of one, i have a lighter burn on my arm from a drunken college night acting stupid and my tattoo covered it fine the artist said he had to rework a little more than normal skin but that was all.


I got a scar tattooed over that was on my stomach. It worked perfectly. I got a fairy and the artist made the wings look like leaves so that the raised part of my scar was like a vein in the wing, like a maple leaf. My scar is still raised but it’s not noticble now and even though my scar was light pink my tatoo is not discolored.I can wer a bikini again:) If your scar is fresh wait at least a year to tattoo over it. I waited sixteen months.


The scar will still be raised if it is that type of scar

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Yes, you can tattoo over scars, but no.. you can’t tattoo ‘skin color’ over them. Laser surgery, however, has sometimes been able to work on scars. You should look into that.

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I was tattooed over a scar and the artist said the key was that the scar had to be old enough or he wouldn’t go near it. I think mine was 5 years old at the time. It has black ink over it and it’s now only noticeable if you look real closely.

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