..of actually getting the tattoo. Love it or hate it? I hate it personally, I kept trying not to look at the clock and to think of something else because it was so painful. My friend was in labor at the same time I was getting my tattoo so my mom was reading me her facebook updates and reminding me that she was in more pain than I was. I was just curious how others experience the process.


I personally love the process of getting a tattoo. It’s strangely very comforting for me. I don’t know quite how to explain it.


Absolutely hate it.

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I like it, i will admit all the tattoos ive had so far have been in places that generally are low pain levels but so far the pain does not bother me, i really enjoy watching the tattoo progress and like talking to the artist and others in the studio as its being done.

My mates in for a 7 hour sitting this weekend, i didnt even think theyd work that long on 1 person and i really wouldnt fancy that but 1 to 2 hours, a brew and a chat and i work of art materialising on my arm its actually fun.


I like it. None of mine have hurt while getting them so it’s been an amazing experience talking to the artists and swaping stories and jokes.


I much prefer tattooing myself than getting tattooed. Most of the time when I get tattooed it’s almost like an ambush. I apprentice at a tattoo shop and when there are cancellations they’ll work on my tattoos. I’m never mentally prepared and I never seem to have had anything substantial to eat beforehand. Recipe for disaster. I just started actually tattooing this past Saturday and had to tattoo myself. I was more focused on not messing up and wasn’t paying attention to the pain. I will do it again. I rather liked it.

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I hated getting the one on my ankle and it only took 20 minutes. The artist was a pompous a** and seemed to think he was operating a jackhammer rather than a tattoo gun. On top of that, I waited so long to get into the chair that I had long since burned off my lunch. Five minutes in and my blood sugar dropped like a rock, giving me cold sweats and lightheadedness.

The 2nd time around, I got a tat on my upper arm, the artist was cool, and we took a 45-minute break halfway through for lunch. I was in the chair for about 6 hours in all and didn’t mind it at all. Heck, I nearly fell asleep I was so relaxed. I wouldn’t say I loved the process, but I didn’t mind it at all either. I was pretty excited to see the finished product so that did make it more enjoyable.


I have a high threshold for pain. I once fell asleep while getting a tattoo on my back. Almost did it again a couple of weeks ago when I got a tat. I actually like a feeling of the needle scribbling your arm. I like to taste the pain.


i love it, i could sit there all day and let somebody tattoo me but i find the healing process annoying!

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I agree, the healing process is annoying especially with having to make sure it doesn’t get too dry, or stay too moist.