you could add some blue or green highlights/shading to make the flowers pop more.


That looks like some scaring. Did this scab a lot? In the picture it looks like it is in need of some lotion.
Who was the artist? I think just some background color would be nice.


Yeah, theres some scaring. And it didn’t scab too bad, but it did scab. And since starting with the lubriderm, it’s gotten SOO much better. The lotion I was using before just wasn’t cutting it. And I got it done by Mike Olson at Mark of the Vampire in Burien. He did my first one and it turned out awesome. I’ve been on beta blockers for migraines and I feel like that might have something to do with the way my arm healed, but I’m not sure. When I was getting it done, Mike even asked me if I had been drinking because of the amount I was bleeding, but I hadn’t been. So… I dunno.


if it is still dry and youre still putting lotion on it try A&D ointment its the best stuff for healing of tattoos. its better than lotions or lubriderm because it is just petroleum jelly with vitamins and probably the best stuff for skin is vitamin D, so you might wanna try that out also.

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