…lining or shading?

Before I got my first, many people had told me how painful shading was, and that it was going to get to me a lot. I went for my first, and the linng was irritating me, so I was quite nervous for the start of the shading. The shading began, and barely bothered me at all. I know the endorphins had kicked in by then as well, but overall, I find shading almost pleasant for the first couple hours. It bothers me much less than the lining, which seems to me is backwards from what many others had told me.

So, now I’m curious – which do you find less pleasant?


Lining! By freaking far! Haha…I got the whole outline to my half sleeve done in one sitting, and besides the shading underneath my arm for 4 hours, the outline was the worst! See I hear from most people they much prefer shading over outlining…Hmmm. Weird.

Most people hang art—I prefer to wear it.

It’s quite possible that I have strange friends and coworkers….


shading for sure on bigger pieces but on smaller, one sitting, pieces both are no problem. Unless rids and that is just a whole nother story, hahahaha


I hate lining on big pieces. Especially the one I’m working on now, because I can’t see shit. It’s kinda like a surprise eachtime he filles up on ink, I never know where it’s gonna hurt next!! And you get that “first” pain all the time.
Shading however, I like. Because after a while the area just gets a bit numb, and I don’t feel too much.

Shading/colouring with a 17′ needle however.. for six hours… That, hurts.


I find lining to be more annoying.

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My guy uses a rotary for shading. I think that contributes to me liking it more. When I heard the ZZZZZZZZZZZ of the liner and then I feel it literally digging through my skin, the layers parting as the needle rips down the flesh of my arm I cringe. I like shading a lot more. I can almost fall asleep on the shading…. almost.

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Lining is definitely worse.