I’m wrapping up my sleeve (I owe you all some photos, I know) And I’m facing the dilemma that we all have to face: To sleeve the other side or to not sleeve the other side. I know I don’t want a full body suit but I have a great concept for the other arm. My question is about the asceticallyness of having one sleeve verses two. I always thought I would stop with the one side but now I’m not so sure.

Please, share your thoughts on this!


Well, I never thought I’d have a body suit… it’s just that I have so much ink that I want to get that I’ll need lots of canvas for it all 😀

I’ll sleeve both arms and legs and do the back and shoulders as well… thus my vote may be obvious… go for it 😀

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I’m really into symmetry, so I have to say, having one sleeved arm and one bare just makes you appear to be lopsided. It’s a problem I suffer from myself, my man.

Besides, if you already got a concept, and damned do you sound excited about it, it’s obvious what you oughta do.

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Yeah, I think I’m agreeing with you on the symmetry thing. Besides, I’m worried about walking in circles due to my overly weighted left arm : )

THe concept is pretty cool. I’m going with the time is an illusion theme… We’re already talking about some gears, an hour glass with an insane reflection among other things. It will have an abstract, surreal feel to it and It’s going to be done by the same guy that did my other work- I think he could kill it.


I agree wth KnightHawk, I think symmetry is good…. to an extent.

I don’t think you should add another sleeve, just for the sake of leveling out the ratio of skin to ink.

Depending on what your sleeve is comprised of, a single sleeve will get more attention than a “shirt” lol. [Referring to two sleeves…..I’m not a comic]

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I personally like the look of just one sleeve, but it`s totally a personal decision. It`s almost as if you`ve already made up your mind though, as you have ideas for it already and seems somewhat excited about…..and yes, you`re right..we do deserve some photos.

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