so, i’m trying to decide whether to get some color added to this. i was thinking turquoise and gold? or should i just leave it alone. i’d just like ideas pleaseee



I think adding a lot of color would look really cool, but adding a little bit of color would make it look unfinished


That’s defiantly screaming for some color:D
I would anyway!:cool:


okay, thanks for the suggestions c: i will get color

but, does anyone know for sure if the color will change or be altered by the color of my skin? i heard that and i’m wondering if it’s true so i can pick the right colors for me


I have a strong bias towards brightly colored tattoos so of course I’m going to say color.

I think the subject matter of the tattoo calls for color in this case. It looks really nice the way it is but I feel that having color would definitely be an enhancement. If I were you I would fully color it in, instead of just doing accents (I think you should either go full color or leave it B&G). Turquoise and gold sounds good. Maybe a little bit of an accent color such as purple as well?

Again, like I said, big fan of color tattoos so my suggestion might not be your ‘thing’ but that’s what I would do with it if it were my tattoo. ๐Ÿ™‚

ETA: You posted your reply while I was typing. You seem pretty pale. With lighter skin you can get away with almost any color showing up pretty true to form.


I agree with Archie actually. Either LOTS of colors, or none at all for my two cents worth.


This photo is black and white, can you put a full color one up so we can see it in the natural colors?


sure thing


and yes, i am pretty pale, but i get dark very easily. when i got the tattoo done a month ago i was told i had an olive tone. i haven’t been in the sun since then for tattoo protection reasons i’m sure everyone’s familiar with c:


these are better examples of my skin though:




I say do the color, and I really don’t like colored piece personally. But with the right color scheme this would pop in a very awesome way. Just my two cents ๐Ÿ™‚


Looks like you have a smiliar skincolour as me.
I’m pretty pale myself, but if I as much as think of the sun, I get pretty tan.
I have an entire arm filled up with colour, and it hasn’t been a problem at all.
You need to protect it really good when you are out in the sun, and the colours should be just fine ๐Ÿ™‚
(and yeah, go colour!! Should look amazing!)

looney bin escapee
arnividar;75663 wrote:
i agree with archie actually. Either lots of colors, or none at all for my two cents worth.

+ 1


Love the mask BTW. Kind of looks like a Marti Gra style or whatever it’s called. With that said, those masked are DEFINED by its unique and very original glittery colors so you HAVE to add it some color to it. It’s not complete without it and it would look VERY awesome with a rainbow effect and just gushing with color, whichever color you do choose.


I think color would make this tat amazing. Make sure you get really deep, rich colors and make sure the colors make sense together. I think your skin color is perfect for this kind of color.

and make sure you post pics when you get it done!

NeverBSatisfied;75690 wrote:
Love the mask BTW. Kind of looks like a Marti Gra style or whatever it’s called.

yeah, mardi gras lol. i live in louisiana. but actually those kinds of masks originated in venice c: i know all about it haha

okay so color it is! thanks everyone; and i will def post pics c:

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