I’m pretty excited. Getting a portrait of my daughter on my arm. Now i have some telling me it’s going to hurt like hell. so, is there any tricks I can do to minimize this pain.

Also, I know they will tell me how to care for the tattoo for the days after, but what thoughts do you guy have?



It’s not going to hurt that bad. If it was so incredibly excruciating, less people would have tattoos.


Just regulate your breathing and you wont be too bothered by the small amount of pain.

Morwin Nerdbane

If you’ve had kids I can imagine the tattoo will be a doddle. Show us a pic when it’s done!!!!


The arm shouldnt be too bad. Youll do fine.

As far as aftercare wait to see what your artist says but a general guideline is:

1. Take bandage off tattoo two hours after your done
2. Wash the tattoo gently and pat/let it air dry
3. Put on some ointment like aquaphor, and put this on 3 times daily until the tattoo peals(anywhere from 2-5 days, maybe longer)
4. Continue to wash the tattoo maybe two times a day and apply unscented lotion to the tattoo 3 or 4 times a day until its fully healed

A lot of people do it different with great results, this is just how I was taught, and I follow it.

Good luck


Eat a good breakfast and try to get it early in the morning cause your pain tolerance is at its highest then..


hey did you get the portrait of your daughter done ? post pics if possible 😉

i have started thinking about getting a portrait of my son done on the lower inner of my arm


tattoos, to me, are more annoying than painful. Its like getting stung my mosquitoes that you cant kill…maybe a little more painful than the mosquito but less than a bee.


just eat a good breakfast and get plenty of rest the night before and you should be fine. The last tattoo I got was on my shoulder and it didnt hurt at all, except a few stings here and there but then again my arm went numb…The arm is not the most painful area but pain is temporary anyway. The tattoo is forever. Good luck with it!


its Saturday. Did you get it? pics, pics, pics!

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