Hey, I’m new here so I apologise if this is in the wrong place or anything!

I’m just wondering if anyone has any ideas that I’ve not already thought of for my tattoo?

The quote and font I would like is this: tattoodesigncopy.jpg

Maybe not that original or anything but it’s what fits for me ๐Ÿ™‚ However I’m having problems deciding where I want it! I would like it on the inside of my arm between my elbow and wrist, all in one line, but I know tattoo’s and such on your arms can make it difficult with jobs, so I wouldn’t want to risk that! I would like it there in white ink as a compromise, but I’ve heard a lot of bad things about white ink, that it would fade quickly, I’m more likely to be allergic and such, that it might not be worth the money! So I’m exploring my other options! The other place I would consider it is the top of my right thigh, but I can’t decide how I would want it, like all in one line going towards my knee, or in 2 lines like it is in the pic, going across the way. But then I wouldn’t know if I wanted it facing me, or away from me! :confused:

Sorry if this hasn’t made much sense! I’ve just been brainstorming, and was wandering if anyone with more experience could throw any ideas into the mix, or point out anything I may have missed! Thanks ๐Ÿ˜€


From slaughterhouse five?

I like the idea of it on your thigh, and I would put it in two lines, like it is seen in the picture. I would place it so that it reads correctly when someone is looking at it while you are standing.


It’s not possible in white ink so forget that. If you meant UV or blacklight ink then I wouldn’t do that either. those inks are highly toxic and have not been properly field tested. The bottles are covered in disclaimers if that’s any indication.

As for where to get it, if it’s your fist tattoo please don’t try to get it on your ribs or somewhere extra sensitive. With such fine script it would be impossible to do well if you’re jumping around. The thigh is a good suggestion.

Morwin Nerdbane

Sorry to contradict people but white ink is more than possible but it looks crap if the pen from the stencil gets into the tattoo, you end up with blackish blue blobs all through the design. I had a white tattoo on my leg and just ended up having it gone over in pink. Saying that, however, Samantha Beckinsdale (sister of actress Kate Beckinsdale) has a stunning white design on her arm, it looks like lace and is just stunningly pretty.

If you want it subtle pink it pretty (in my opinion) but some people think it just looks sore. DON’T get it done in UV ink, it’s not tested and it’s illegal to use in most cities. DON’T allow yourself to be an experiment with ink.

I think it’d look pretty down your spine, it’s not massively sensitive and it’d look SWEEEEEEET! ๐Ÿ™‚


I’m not big on word tattoos but that lettering seems very elegant. I recommend a very delicate place on your body like under the bust line or on your wrist.

Morwin Nerdbane

I find the fact that your tattoo says “…and nothing hurt” when it’s probably gonna hurt pretty bad kinda funny. I’m a sucker for irony ๐Ÿ™‚


Thanks for the replies everyone ๐Ÿ™‚

Yes from Slaughterhouse Five! Ahh, I’ve heard of white ink being possible, but not much good about it, though a very reputable tattoo studio near me does white tattoos, when I called them and asked about it they said they really wouldn’t recommend it, so I don’t think I’ll go for it, pink or something would be a great idea though thanks! ๐Ÿ˜€ I think I will go for thigh if I can’t get that, I would really like it on my wrist or down my arm, but if I can’t get it in white or something un-noticeable then I wouldn’t like to risk it when I’ve not completely decided on a career path yet!
Thanks for the heads up about UV and blacklight ink! I had considered them but not started my research on them yet so I’ll put that idea out my mind!!
Haha yes it probably is quite ironic however I’m sure the pain will be worth it! At least, I hope ๐Ÿ˜›

Morwin Nerdbane

The pain is totally worth it. If you get it on your wrist it’ll be cake. I think my wrist was the least painful I’ve had so far.

I find it feels like more of an annoying scratch than a pain but it goes numb after a while and you’ll only really notice the vibration. It’s a doddle.

When you planning on getting it?


Ahh, from what I’ve read about the pain so far, it seems like it might be the kind of pain I like, or at least will be able to tolerate easily! haha, or I’m hoping that if I manage to convince myself of this that it’ll have some kind of placebo effect when it comes to getting it done ๐Ÿ˜‰ I’ll be getting it at a local studio that doesn’t do appointments when I have the money, so hopefully soon, within the next few weeks! Do you think if I have something to eat before and have a rest afterwards that I’ll be ok to drive home, or would I be better asking someone to give me a lift? Maybe I’m over-reacting a little as it’s only a small tattoo but it will be my first!!


I think you should easily be able to drive home, I do after having quite a bit of work done. Certainly have something to eat afterwards, I usually get myself a cup of tea from the nearby cafe and take it with me, I wouldn’t have thought you would need to have a rest after though, I just get my coat on and drive home. My last appointment was for one and a half hours and then I went out to tea straight from there, but everyone is different, just see how you feel. Usually, once the work starts I think “What am I doing?”, then as work progresses I start to think about my next ink! Up to now I’ve found the worst bit has been just on the back of my neck, really made my toes curl, LOL!



White ink tattoos are possible and look great for about 2 years by which time they become very faded and sometimes a yellowish colour and need a re-shade to top them up.

Many artists state not to bother as they are high maintenance where a darker pigment can be used and last much longer effectively.

Thigh tattoos look very nice and can be done as a winding piece down the side or as a two piecer across the top.

It is a very nice font and statement also it won’t take that long to do so you will cope just fine.

Take care


HAve you thought about the inside of your bicep? Thats a place you can get a tat so you can see it and you can show it off when you want but it won’t limit you in your professional life…


hi, i’d like to clarify what i said about this not being possible in white ink. and as much as i hate to do it i’m going to list the reasons.

If a tattoo will look terrible in a year or less it’s just not possible as a tattoo. It’s that simple, it’s not a hair cut.

If it does turn to shit and you want it lasered off it will take quite a few sessions and a lot of cash because white in reflects the laser.

White ink is not a lining ink. It behaves in a very different way to lining ink, both in tems of putting it in and how it acts in the skin.

There are a lot of ways a tattoo can go wrong using conventional techniques let alone trying to put a thin-line design on with white ink over purple carbon.

I could go on but you get my point i’m sure. I was trying to give you good advice as a professional, not to shatter your hopes and dreams.



Lol you dont have to rest afterwards and you will be fine to drive home. Ive got 6 hours of work done on my arm and went out right after (my shop is in the middle of ybor, which is a party district) then drove home

Morwin Nerdbane;64479 wrote:
Sorry to contradict people but white ink is more than possible

as an artist i would agree that it is possible in white…. but i will also say that its a stupid idea as white changes colour and turns pale yellowish, and the whole piece would need a recolour every year to stay looking fresh, which is a complete waste of time and money. white should only be used as highlights or for mixing tones ! so stick with conventional lining for long lasting great results.

as its a first tattoo then i would recomment somewhere like your upper left or right side of your back towards your shoulders, inner forearms are a nice place as well as on your thigh for least pain areas, spines hurt if your small framed as do ribs, chests, calfs and feet.
admittedly everyone has different pain threasholds but i would recommend staying clear of the above areas ๐Ÿ˜‰

ps… i like the simple quote and that particular font does compliment it as well

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