Callie martinez

Wow I like it!


absolutely gorgeous!! I love it.


Holy shit!!!!. I always read the post before I scroll down to see the pic. I was reading thinking, “great, another horse portrait.” Then i scrolled down, and went “WHOAAA!!!”

Well done!!!


Thank y’all so much! I REALLY love it. Hoping like CRAZY it doesn’t scab up too bad, so I’m really babying it, lol. Already most of the redness is gone, and it’s feeling a little flaky. Definitely tender today, though!


That is a great piece and is very unique.

I love it. Also just below the shoulder blade and close on the spine was really painful on mine.
So no shame in saying it hurt – they do!

Take Care

The only difference between a person with tattoos, and a person without is this. The person with tattoos does not care if you do not have any.

definetly amazing!!! i love this tattoo!!
freaking WOW!
your artist have done a great job on this one!!

Tajen;61423 wrote:
Took in all my horse pics to my artist today, and he drew up a flat out amazing custom horse for me. Sat “under the gun” for about 6 hours. Let me tell y’all, it was my most painful tattoo to date, definitely. Every single line felt crazy painful. I’ve never even come close to crying “Mercy”, but I was SO close today. Fortunately, I didn’t wimp out, and my artist was able to complete it. I am SO happy with it!:D

A-W-E-S-O-M-E! One of my favorite on here! Kudos to you tattooist, that is something to show off 365 days of the year.


Thanks again! Short is so awesome, he even touched up my 2 year old cross. It has “Jen”, “David”, and “Kody” on it (for my family, of course!), and someone asked me, “Who’s Rody?” Well, I kind of freaked about that, lol. So he re-wrote Kody’s name so it didn’t look like “Rody”, ha ha. I really love tattoos; wish I had unlimited funds to get a half sleeve, another horse on my other shoulder blade, a REALLY awesome piece on my right leg … sigh.;)


That’s beautiful,