Hi everyone,
I have a taurus symbol on the very top of my arm, it’s quite small and I’m starting to get tired of it and I want more adding to it.
My fiance drew a little something up for me, I don’t think I can attach the picture, but basically the symbol is small, and above and left is a rose engulfed in flame hanging down, and below to the right is another rose also engulfed in flame going up.
I really like it, but I think it needs more going further down my arm. I like the idea of a banner with some text.
Can anybody offer some suggestions for what else I could do to it?
Ideally I want it all black and white, but I am open to the idea of colour.
I hope you can help,


A picture would really help.

Upload it and paste it in your reply


There it is, I would of posted originally but couldn’t figure out how.


Peterpoose: thanks for the reply on the other forum.
Hopefully yourself and other people can help


A bull does come to mind.

How small is the symbol in relation to the space it’s in?


Here it is:


Could really do with something for it, because the more I look at it, the more I want to build upon it. I’ve had it for a couple of years now and my muscular build (though still small) has grown a lot so it doesn’t look as good and too small

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