I am assistant coach on my 10 year olds all start baseball team, we have only lost one game this season, my son pitches and plays first base.
I fish, saltwater, tuna, dolphin, sharks, white marlin, use the same captain brian swindel of boss man charters, dauphin island alabama. usually 2 days at sea
I hunt in the winter, whitetail deer,
I catch concerts, I like metal and speed, system of a down, classics like iron maiden, metallica, bullet for my valentine, avenged sevenfold, godsmack
I go to museums, I like all kinds of art, mummies, paintings, sculputre, etc
I like a good movie, going to avengers tomorrow, dark shadows next weekend
I collect, items from ancient egypt, bones (human), coins, military medals, some pop culture,
We swim all summer, my pools been open since april its so hot in Georgia this year,
Occassionally I ride horse, friends have farm, need their horses exercised by experienced riders
my favorite study is people, I like to travel when I can and see how other people live

I apparently aggrivate the shit out of people on the internet, something I am working on…………..


I enjoy motorcycle riding every chance I get.
Fishing mostly for Bass, sometimes catfish
I like all kinds of movies especially horror movies, I saw the avengers on Tuesday, it was awesome.


I am a father to 17month old son with another baby due early October.
I am husband to my very supportive wife.
I like to swim at the local pool 3 times a week.
I used to scuba dive but have had to give that up due to Parkinsons Disease.
I like to travel particularly to warm, sunny,beach type places.
I love to fish when I get a chance (salt water).
I am currently doing our family tree.
I enjoy life.


Watching motogp
have a 4 month old daughter, so sleeping has become a hobby
Used to be a gamer but no time anymore


Fishing (fresh, sea, salt and tropical saltwaterl)
Watching motogp, WSB & BSB
Mountain biking
Used to be a gamer but no time anymore
Fish keeping (5′ reef tank)

It was easier just to add to Amoks list!


I like to masturbate

buttwheat;113174 wrote:
I like to masturbate

who doesn’t?


Between work and school, I have limited time for play. ๐Ÿ™ Fortunately, I love both of those. ๐Ÿ™‚

I’m a practicing nudist. I love the outdoors, hiking, swimming, etc. I also enjoy fitness and cooking.

TV and movie junkie too. I love travel when I have the time.


I enjoy lots of things.
I love going to the theatre; I love Shakespeare and I’m a member of the RSC. I also have an interest in medieval history; specifically, the Wars of the Roses and Richard III.
I like to travel; I would love to go to Japan at some point.
I’m a huge sports fan: NFL, NCAA, baseball, rugby, soccer. I’m American living in the UK, so I like sports from both sides of the pond.


I am a big movie fan. My dvd collection consists of over 2000 dvd’s.

Huge football fan (Liverpool Fc) was part of a football team for 13 years.

Drinking (I drink a lot of beer!) Also collect beer glasses (have over 100)

Music! Like all music appart from anything modern really. NO CHART MUSIC!

Gaming, im a huge pc gamer on first person shooters for example (Counter-Strike 1.6) other games such as left4dead audiosurf fifa)

And now summer is coming it’s where i drink and eat nothing all day appart from burgers and beer on bbq.


I have two kids (17 months and 4 weeks) who keep me incredibly busy every day.

I was a teacher, pre-kids, and I have taught preschool for 5 years and I loved every second of it.

My husband is in the military, and that’s a bit time consuming in our lives.

I love reading.

I’m a published poet and I am starting to write short stories.

I have a major passion for rugby. I have played since my Jr. year in high school.

I’m a mild gym rat, and now that it’s summer my goal is to run a half marathon in the fall.


Sports: NHL Hockey
Spare time: Metal work, Brass, Copper, Steel, Cast iron
Copper: Made still out of antique “Paul Revere” copper. Works well. Bourbon, (working on scotch)
Steel: Railings, mostly horticulturally based.
Gardening: Home greenhouse, Herb garden, Unusual vegetables & flowers.
Cooking: Restored 1980 pizza oven in basement. Basement set in cold war era bomb shelter/ pizza parlor theme.
Outside Tiki bar and outside kitchen.
Soup a speciality, cast iron kettle, Chicken Corn Soup, Italian Wedding, Crab soup, Clam chowder, New England, Manhattan, and Rhode Island.
Smoked meats, fish, and poultry. (Pastrami a speciality)
Entertainment: Quiet hang outs, 1970’s, 1980’s music. Wide variety of movies.


beer, movies, music, food, liverpool fc, fiancee


The one thing in my life that gives me zen is riding and modifying motorcycles.
I am a year round rider. Theres no cold season just a season where i never see any other bikes.

I noticed quite a few people mention motorcycles. So im callin you out.
Pics or it didnt happen. Lets see what puts the wind in your face.

Im very proud of my two bikes. The orange one is my current go fast. A 2003 kawasaki z1000 heavily modified. And a 2000 zr7 in flat black.
Im not into slow and loud, thats why i dont own cruisers.
Fast and loud.







I also try to go shooting at least twice a month. Through daily ccw i try to stay sharp. We can carry so i do.
And last but not least i collect action figures. Particularly classic monsters and horror in general.


I’ve gotten a bit too frightened of losing my license for sports bikes, and with the number of speed cameras on UK roads it’s less and less worth having one.
I scratch my biking itch with this old VTR1000 Firestorm (think they’re called Hawks in the US)

It does “loud” very nicely with those cans!


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