I would avoid waxing. It hurts like a bitch and my skin seems to always be much drier after.


There was a news feature on the local news the other night, one of those ‘try it before you buy it’ segments, and it featured this new non-painful european wax center with chains popping up around the US. Has anyone done this?


Hair does get weaker and doesn’t grow back as fast and is thinner if you wax… I have a few areas of my body waxed every now and then so I can definitely confirm that. I shave my arms but just because I am a girl and don’t want any hair there. I just really wanted to reply because I can definitely agree on the effects of waxing haha.

Slappy13;106369 wrote:
As far as the ingrown hair thing goes are you shaving with a multi-blade razor? Multi-blade razors are known to irritate the skin and cause in grown hairs more than other methods because of how they work. If you check Sally Beauty Supply or CVS they have creams and lotions designed to prevent in grown hairs. I personally don’t have any experience with them but in the future I may try them for certain areas.

Thank you for this info as I need to shave my arms every day because I get a lot of stubble and annoys me and been getting ingrown hairs and drive me crazy.

One questions though about razors anyone used the Gillette Fusion ProGlide Styler Power Razor for shaving there arms?

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