An Interview With A Tatoo Artist:

Introducing Harry from The Basset and Hair Tattoo Co.

We are back with our ‘An Interview With A Tattoo Artist‘ series after a little break and are excited to share our interview with Harry who owns The Basset and Hair Tattoo Co or TBHTCo for short. When we spoke to Harry, we ask him as a random fact about himself and he shares with us, when he was 18 years old he was in a music video. Harry sometimes goes by his childhood nickname “aryboi”. He specialises in black and grey realism pieces which are endearing and full of detail. TBHTCo is based just outside of London on the central line in Woodford, Essex. So here’s what happened when we spoke to Harry.

How did you get into tattooing?

When I was 5 I would sit and draw cartoon characters on my friends, this then led me to go on to do art at school, college, uni etc. I was always drawing tattoos for my friend who would then go to the local artist and get them done, I then ended up seeing the artist for tattoos and was lucky enough to be able to get an apprenticeship there.

If you had to describe your tattoo style in 3 words what would they be?

This question is why it too me so long to reply ha 🙈

It is so hard to choose the words, erm, ah stuff it… I do colour work too but so I get this back to you I’ll say “black and grey” ha lamest answer EVER

We can’t argue with that answer, Harry. 

The weirdest thing to happen whilst tattooing somebody?

Haha, this is such a hard question to answer, there are too many to list just one! Here are a few, we have ranging from big tough guys passing out, some of the noises customers make while getting tattooed and then one woman asking if I wanted her in her underwear while I tattooed her 🙈. The answer was no by the way haha.

Curious about these noises now… 

What made you want to open your own shop?

It was always the plan to have my own place by the time I was 30, I was promised various shops over the years but for one reason or another that never worked out. So it was time to do it for myself and I can say, without a doubt, it is the best thing I have ever done.

Lion tattoo done by Harry One piece of advice to give someone looking to get tattooed for the first time, what would you say?

Do your research, not just on the design but also on the shop and the artist. Also, listen to your artist, if they say what you want isn’t going to work because of the size you want it or where you want it then I can pretty much guarantee it won’t work that size or where you want it.

Good advice Harry! 

You can find Harry on Instagram & Facebook.

Thanks for your time Harry and we can’t wait to see what is in store for you next.