We’ve compiled some of the best news from the world of tattoos for you below.

According to The Sun, if your favourite footballer has a lot of tattoos, they might be taking more penalties in the near future! According to UK and Swiss researchers, goalkeepers are subconsciously intimidated by players with lots of ink, making them more likely to convert penalties. Best get eyeing up those players on potential transfer lists!

“Over all 69 penalties in this year’s World Cup, tattooed players scored 72 per cent of penalties, compared with 68.2 per cent for the rest”.


Have you been thinking about getting your first inking or adding to the array you already have? Well, Refinery 29 recommend that Winter is probably the best season to get a tattoo. As we know, aftercare is vital when you get your tattoo. You want to make sure that the piece you’ve thought long and hard about, looks absolutely perfect. It’s important to minimise your exposure to the sun and chlorine for example. While you might be getting a tattoo to show off in your bikini or t-shirt, it’s definitely worth considering getting it done in Winter for best results!


Business Insider are featuring a great photo series called Get Oud (which means Get Old in Dutch) by two women from the Netherlands. The series showcases 25 different people and how their tattoos have aged. Meijering and Duimel want to show people that you’re never too old to get a tattoo. While a lot of the people featured got their tattoos later in life, it goes to show that tattoos transcend all age groups and backgrounds.


UFC is becoming more popular every day and if you’re a fan, we’re sure you’ve noticed the number of tats that UFC fighters have. Some of them have huge works of art covering their entire upper body for example. Fox Sports have a really interesting piece on the meaning behind the tattoos a lot of the fighters have. For example, Conor McGregor has a tiger tattoo because “he believes the tiger is a courageous animal”. TJ Dillashaw has a snake which he says means that he “keeps fighting back in the face of adversity”. It seems having tattoos is a rite of passage in the world of UFC.

The New Zealand Tattoo and Arts Festival took place last week and Radio New Zealand had a great interview with Lucky Diamond Rich who has held the Guinness World Record for being the most tattooed person since 2006. Lucky has been a circus performer since he was 8 years old and says “Being an entertainer and being someone that comes from circus and performance… tattoos and circus have had a connection for hundreds of years.”

Radio New Zealand also feature up and coming female tattoo artist, Lauren Winzer, who discusses how her delicate, pop-of-colour style has earned her legions of celebrity fans.


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