From the latest celeb tattoos to interesting goings-on in the tattoo world, here we update you with all the most important tattoo stories from the last week.

Perhaps the biggest tattoo news this week is about singing sensation Ariana Grande, who has got herself a huge inking of the Pokémon star Evee. The performer revealed the artwork, located on her upper arm, on her Instagram account with the caption ‘I’ve wanted this for so long thank you sm,’ tagging her tattoo artist Kane Navasard.

Grande, 25, had revealed on her Twitter page just last week that she’d spent 15 hours playing Pokémon: Let’s Go Evee on her day off (we hope she stopped to eat!). Now, if that doesn’t show commitment, then her new tattoo certainly does…

You can read the full story in Cosmopolitan magazine here:

Keeping with the animation theme, if you’re going to be in the north of England and fancy Winnie the Pooh tattooed on your belly or Elsa from Frozen on your chest, you’re in luck. Newcastle studio Rock ‘n’ Roll Tattoo and Piercing will be dedicating an entire day to Disney tattoos.

“On February 23, we want to invite all Disney fans to our studio!” said a post on the parlour’s Facebook page. Don’t worry about ringing up to make an appointment – they’re offering a walk-in service, so you can just rock up on the day. Last-minute tattoo, anyone?

See the local news report here:

Over in Colorado, a 29-year-old artist has begun to tattoo her skin to document the progress of a skin condition. Jasmine Colgan is of Irish-Ghanaian heritage, so was born with a dark complexion. Since 2011, vitiligo has caused white patches to appear on her skin.

“It was absolutely terrifying,” she said. Colgan is proud of her Ghanaian ancestry, and felt her connection to her African roots was being lost with the condition, which is caused by a lack of melanin. So she decided to tattoo around the edges of the patches every six months to track their growth like ‘rings of a tree’. “I know that by the time I’m 50 I will probably be completely white,” she said.

Now, she’ll have a record of her once-darker skin forever.

Read the story in the Metro here.

Lastly, and still in the US: they might be all the rage for fashionistas, but now neck tattoos have had a music single named after them. New York-based punk band Live Well have released a song entitled Neck Tattoos.

The song is about trying to resist the temptation of contacting an ex-partner, and the importance of moving on when something isn’t working for you any more. The chorus goes ‘Cuz all my friends have neck tattoos, and all your friends just ask me what I’m doing without a job and an office like you.’

Read more about the single and the band here: