Let’s start with a reality check to bring you back down to earth after all the festive fun you’ve been having over Christmas. Bustle.com posted an article recently about the drawbacks of having tattoos. To be fair, it starts with some sound advice we should all heed, talking about using sun cream, gentle soaps and moisturisers to prolong tattoo life. Apparently, these things are good for general skincare too! Then it lists nine ways tattoos can cause complications later in life. Sobering indeed. Inflammation, allergic reactions, fading, difficult cancer checks, MRI complications, regret, tattoo removal, eczema and psoriasis and dry skin make up the nine, though, in truth, they seemed to be clutching at straws to even get past three. Many of the “complications” listed were more just facts of life that had nothing to do with tattoos… See what you think, at:


Over at Mizzima.com there’s a story about disappearing tattoos in Myanmar. No, not literally. German photographer Jens Uwe Parkitny has an exhibition featuring Kayin men’s leg tattoos, a traditional phenomenon that all but died out when Myanmar gained independence in 1948. Having tattoos below the waist on both legs was a cultural sign of manhood and courage, but nowadays they’re only present on a handful of men over 70 in Myanmar. In fact, back in the day, a young man without tattoos was considered unappealing by the opposite sex. Quite right, too!


Jason Momoa has revealed that Aquaman’s tattoos hold a special place in his heart. Momoa has Polynesian roots, being of Hawaiian birth, so his existing arm tattoo was actually incorporated into the character’s design. His ‘aumaka, or family crest, is a repeating triangle pattern on his left forearm that is supposed to ward off sharks by indicating he’s one of them. Quite fitting for a watery action hero, then. In the film, the star is adorned with hundreds of other designs, and Momoa loved the fact they’re all about different water gods, which an islander can really relate to.


Teeside Live’s roundup of the most-read live stories from 2018 surprisingly features a piece about a tattoo artist being banned for public health reasons. People had been complaining about Tony Learmount’s poor hygiene standards at his premises in Thorntree. While this is a very specific example, it does raise the issue of tattoo safety: always be 100% sure that the person inking you is fully trained and is using all of the correct health and safety measures. It’s better to be safe than sorry!


Police officers should get tattoos, according to Norwalk Reflector. It started off with beards being encouraged within the force; after previously being deemed unprofessional, they’ve now realised some facial hair actually humanises officers and can create better relations between them and the community. Beards are no longer a no go. Tattoos are next on the agenda, and while currently they are still supposed to be covered up, a police spokesperson said that tattoos “are mainstream and accepted today.” It’s refreshing to know that they’re at least discussing the issue and are open to change.