1. Psychologist speaks about why couples get matching tattoos

Elite Daily turned to a psychologist to shed some light on the thinking behind couples who get matching tattoos. It seems there are two general reasons for it, both of which indicate a deep passion and connection between two people. In the first instance, couples who take time to plan and design a tattoo together show a devotion that is so profound that they would literally change their bodies for one another. The second instance involves more impulsive choices, which can be a sign of intensity and passion. Of course, it may be more of a significant decision for people with few or no tattoos than for people already heavily into tattoo culture.


2. The rise of tattoos from subculture to pop culture

The act of getting a tattoo has moved from a subculture in parlours down dark alleys to a mainstream sensation where parlours are on the top high streets. It seems this is largely due to pop culture icons like football players and singers or rappers getting in on the trend – Justin Bieber is estimated to have a total of 56 tattoos! It seems modern generations give less thought to getting a tattoo, and are more likely to do so impulsively. And, of course, tattoo removal technology has come a long way in recent times – if you have any regrets, a bad tattoo is not as permanent as it once was.


3. New photo series proves age doesn’t always make you regret your tattoos

A new photo series called TattooAge, from the good people at GetOud (Get Old) shows the ink on people aged over 65, and the stories behind their tattoos. The aim is to show that people who get tattoos aren’t always ‘aggressive’, and that they can age gracefully. It also demonstrates that people of all ages can get tattoos, and they can have a lot of meaning for people. Men and women of a range of cultures are included in the photo series, and it is a tasteful and eye-opening insight into the role tattoos can play in people’s lives. And there is some pretty serious ink on some of these people!


4. Football icon Neymar’s tattoos brought to life in a comic book series

A new comic book series called “Inked” brings the iconic tattoos of footballer Neymar to life as super-powered beings. It is an exciting and artistically beautiful endeavour, and 1% of all revenue will go to Neymar’s own charity in Brazil, which helps thousands of underprivileged Brazilians with basic needs. The new comic book has been created by Fan The Flames Concepts, and was displayed at this year’s New York Comic Con. The majority of the tattoos in the comic are based on Neymar’s real-life skin art, and with him being a comic fanboy the project came together very naturally. A great new mainstream achievement for tattoo culture!