Are you ready for this week’s tattoo news
roundup? As always, there have been some great stories from the world of tattoos! So, let’s delve right in…

Matching breakup tattoos?

We all know that relationship tattoos often lead to regrets! This is certainly the case for Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson when they broke off their engagement. The couple got a number of matching tattoos in their happier days, including cloud tattoos, “H2GKMO” (which means honest to God knock me out) and each other’s initials. They have both spent the past few weeks covering these tattoos up, and it seems they have unintentionally ended up with a matching break-up tattoo: black hearts!


Tattoos to cover the scars of war

An Iraqi soldier, Saad Khudeir, has shared photos of the tattoos that cover his body, concealing the scars and wounds he has suffered throughout the war. These are scars that tell of horrific experiences in his life. He has had a tattoo of his fiancé placed on his right arm so that she is looking up at him. She was killed in 2008 after a car bomb went off near his home in Baghdad. Four years after this, he suffered 70 per cent burns across his body after a suicide bomber rammed into his army convoy in Fallujah.

Saad said: “People stared at me, and sometimes I felt they were scared of me at the swimming pool.” Because of this, he spent four years getting tattoos that now cover the majority of his body, costing him around $2,500. As well as his fiancé’s face, he has Japanese letters, flames, a staircase, a cross, and a man representing Jesus with two angels at either side.


Ed Sheeran’s tattoo artist offered £300,000 for tattoo rights

Kevin Paul has tattooed a number of celebrities in the past, including Rihanna and Harry Styles. However, the tattooist has been offered £300,000 from a High Street magazine for the rights to the giant lion he tattooed on Ed Sheeran in 2015. Paul doesn’t know if he will take the offer yet, despite the fact that Ed’s management have already agreed to the artwork being sold. He feels conflicted because the tattoo was a gift. He said: “It was a personal thing. He is my mate and I don’t really charge mates.”


The ultimate “cock block” tattoo

Geordie Shore’s Chloe Ferry has pulled the ultimate “cock block” on her boyfriend Sam Gowland by getting her face tattooed on his thigh. The tattoo took place as part of MTV’s Just Tattoo of Us, a show that sees people design tattoos for their partner or friend. It’s not until the tattoo is finished that the person gets to see what they have had inked on them – a recipe for disaster if there ever was one. Unsurprisingly, Chloe is already feeling guilty about the tattoo: “I am regretting it a little bit now. I didn’t think it would be that big.” Luckily, the couple are still together, so it can’t have been that bad!