Kentucky’s proposal to ban tattoos over scars criticised

Doctors and tattoo artists are criticising a proposal by health officials in Kentucky to ban tattooing over scars. There has been no reason given for proposing the ban, and no medical research has been cited that would warrant this ban. The only type of scar that shouldn’t be tattooed over is a keloid; a raised scar that spreads across the skin.

Tattoos are common to cover scars from things like self-harming or cancer surgery, and have been very helpful to people as part of their psychological recovery. The ban is also set to prevent people from having old tattoos touched up, since a tattoo itself creates a scar. The objection is that people should be allowed to make decisions about their own bodies. Public comments about the proposal are being accepted through to the end of the month, so a ruling remains uncertain.


Controversial rapper Tekashi69’s girlfriend gets tattoo of his face on her chest

Though disgraced musician Tekashi69 is facing a lengthy stretch in prison on racketeering convictions, his girlfriend is staying loyal. She has shown off a huge chest tattoo of the rapper’s face to her 712,000 Instagram followers. It sits alongside her other ink tribute to her man, which is a number 69 just below her right shoulder. The response to her body art has been mixed, with many not sharing her own satisfaction with the idea.

There has been suggestion that she did it for attention, with others claiming the tattoo is ugly and pays tribute to a man undeserving of such admiration. In any case, Jade’s latest tattoo shows she is standing by Tekashi after his being charged on 9 federal counts. He is currently seeking a plea deal with witness protection, which could be difficult given his hugely distinctive face tattoos…


Thousand-tattoo dad inks his own eyeballs

A man with 95% tattoo coverage over his body says he inked most of them himself, including his eyeballs. Marcelo de Souza Ribeiro is a tattoo artist who claims to be one of the most modified and tattooed individuals in the world. His body mods include subdermal implants, fanged teeth and a split tongue. Though he looks somewhat intimidating, the 36-year-old maintains a positive outlook on life and doesn’t let the criticism from disapproving do-gooders phase him!


Parents surprise their transgender son with matching trans tattoos

Two parents made an amazing gesture for their transgender son by surprising him with matching tattoos of hearts with the trans flag in them. The gesture has been widely praised on social media, and the son could barely contain his joy at the support.

The family had initially been rocked by the revelation, but having come together through hard work, this gesture is the culmination of the strength of a good family. It also shows the power of a tattoo, with the picture being retweeted over 16,000 times and liked over 150,000 times. Getting something like this inked is a profound way of showing your commitment to something (or someone), and this is yet another example of skin art making a positive impact on the lives of good people.