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Kendrick Lamar endures 16 hours for a tattoo:

Kendrick Lamar isn’t a man of many tattoos. In fact, his most prominent tattoo is the words “Hustle Like You Broke” on his arm. However, he recently sat through 16 hours for his next tattoo and got a new piece of art that now covers the previous one. It’s a mixture of tribal designs from “both Polynesian and native cultures”. According to the artist who drew the art, Kendrick was very patient and trusting in the two days that they worked on his forearm. Many of you might like tattoos, but how many are willing to sit through a whole 16 hours?


Man with Nazi swastika saved by Jews:

In heartwarming news from Massachusetts, some Jewish teenagers saved the life of a man who had a swastika tattoo. The boys, who were walking around the Chestnut Reservoirs, discovered the immobile man and immediately reported him to the police. Afterwards, they didn’t want any publicity from the story and merely wanted the man to know that he’s alive because of some Jewish boys. While they may not have known that the man had such a tattoo before calling the police, it is heart rendering to know that they didn’t regret it in the end. The man is now alive and well, but it’s still unclear what he thought about the whole incident.


When a poorly done tattoo lands you in hospital:

When you call your tattoo parlour, and they say that they are fully booked, it’s best to wait. One woman from Essex didn’t exercise patience, and the result was tragic. Nancy Anderson called a different tattoo artist to go to her house and ink her forearm with a butterfly image. She immediately noticed that the procedure was going wrong when it didn’t look like any of her previous six tattoos and asked him to stop immediately. Unfortunately, the damage had already been done and she had to be put on six drips to prevent the infection from getting to her heart.


Regrettable tattoo:

From a bad tattoo to a regrettable one. One man from Melbourne, Australia decided it was a good idea to get a tattoo of his girlfriend’s name – inside his lip. That was two years ago. Unfortunately, the relationship didn’t work out, and he recently had to remove the tattoo using laser technology. The man was in obvious discomfort throughout the whole procedure. However, having a tattoo on the inside of the lip was a slight advantage as it doesn’t stick as much as one on any other part of the body. Nevertheless, laser removal can still cause pain and side effects like swelling.


A Celtic fan gets an embarrassing tattoo:

One of the funniest stories from the last week came from Scotland when a Celtic fan got a regrettable tattoo. He intended to celebrate his team winning a treble by forever having ink stating “treble treble” after his team won the cup to make it a treble of trophies against Hearts by a scoreline of 2-1. However, he was soon to be red-faced on camera when he was showing off his new ink, and it instead said “Trebel Trebel”. His mates couldn’t control their laughter after he revealed the tattoo, which was still in cling film. His team’s success is permanent, but so is his tattoo mistake.