Tattoos at work: Are they still an issue? Debbie Darling says no

Debbie Darling runs her own marketing agency and says her tattoos have been if anything, a bonus in her career – despite them being generally frowned upon in many professions. She expresses how they have become a focal point of remembrance for her when engaging with people at networking events, in which people ask her about them rather than condemn them. “People ask ‘have you got any more, what inspired you to do it, what do they mean?’”.

Debbie has 15 tattoos, predominantly half sleeves on her arms and one on the edge of her hand.

The Wanted singer Max George and partner Stacey Giggs get matching tattoos

Max George from The Wanted and Stacey Giggs (ex-wife of football coach Ryan Giggs) are now publicly a couple and are now said to be putting their partnership on permanent display by getting a tattoo of each other’s initials while on holiday. Max was previously engaged to Michelle Keegan, and began seeing Stacey Giggs after they met through a mutual friend. “It was a really romantic gesture and sign that they are really serious about each other”.

Joe Hart is now among the players with the “worst tattoos in football”

Burnley goalkeeper Joe Hart recently showed off his new tattoo which covers his right shoulder to his lower arm. The design features a line curving in between two bold black shades, dubbed as an “armour tattoo”. He’s now inducted into what Give Me Sport’s Rob Swan categorizes as players with the “worst tattoos in football”, alongside Lionel Messi with his leg tattoo and lower-torso kiss symbol tattoo, Ryan Mason with the tattoo of his mother on his arm, and Uros Vitas’ tattoo featuring his wife’s face broadly drawn over his torso.

Wedding guest refused entry over her tattoos

A wedding guest was asked by a bride-to-be to not only ensure her tattoos were covered ahead of her wedding, but that her blue-dyed hair would need to be changed to a more “natural colour” in order to fit in with the theme of the wedding. The bride-to-be clearly states to her that failure to cover her tattoos up would mean she would be refused entry at the venue. Despite the hot weather, the bride-to-be claimed it wouldn’t be “her fault” the guest is too hot if she was to wear long-sleeved clothing to cover the tattoos.

“Dragon Girl” tattoo and body-modification enthusiast gets eyes tattooed blue

Amber Luke is a known body-modification and tattoo enthusiast, with a plethora of tattoos covering almost the entirety of her body. She has manifested her love of tattoos and body modifications in her social media presence as an influencer on Instagram. Her latest modification is bright blue tattooed eyeballs. She noticeably has over 130 tattoos, and a distinctive serpent-like tongue split in addition to fangs. Her tattoos encompass her body and partially her face, and include different fractal patterns, animals and portraits of people.