It’s July 20th and here’s what has been happening in the world of tattoos this week.

Man gets a six pick inked:

Hands down one of the funniest (and shittest) tattoos we’ve seen, however, you can’t help loving it at the same time. For this years Australian Tattoo Expo, Scott Medhurst entered and won the competition for ‘Australia’s shittest tattoo’ so what did Scott get tattooed I hear you ask, well, he got a six-pack tattooed… a six-pack of beers… which happened to be in the formation of abs. The story of how he got the tattoo in the first place started out a little differently and wasn’t would you’d expect. It wasn’t done on a drunken night out and it was actually done in an attempt to raise money for a young man who was trucking at 23 with three kids. So Scott being the hero he is decided to get some ideas flowing between him and the boys he was working with to get some money together. Long story short, he charged them $1000 dollars per can, raising 6 grand for the family. We love it and are proud of you too Scott. Photo credit

Story originally told on News.AU

Tattoos could be used to monitor long term health conditions:

Tattoos have always had a negative connotation surrounding them when so many people get them for positive reasons. The idea of you being able to ‘design’ your own skin is pretty cool in our opinion. More recently tattoos are now being used for a variety of other things such as covering up medical scars and now to help with long term health conditions. A researcher in Germany who goes by Ali K Yetisen is developing a way to turn tattoos into life-saving devices. These tattoos would involve getting a colour which represents the condition and then would change colour if there was anything wrong with condition e.g. if it was worsening. Cool right? Although the process still has a long way to go, it’s one we’d like to see get followed through.

Officials decide against banning scar tattooing:

A few months ago, it surfaced that Kentucky were looking at getting a statewide ban on scarred skin. The reasons for this ban are still unknown as there seem to be various reasons why and not a lot of them have research behind. However, this has now been overruled as the people of Kentucky and the world have spoken about this and they’ve decided to listen. Getting tattooed over scars can show a sign of strength and courage for those who get them, and it can be an important part of their recovery.

Blueface & his two girlfriends get matching ink:

Last but not least is a story about Blueface. An American rapper with two girlfriends who has become a meme sensation due to his Benjamin Franklin face tattoo. The 22-year-old proudly shows off the ink and recently took this a step further, by getting his two girlfriends to also get Benjamin Franklin tattooed. The two girls got the tattoos on their hands, as it appears Blueface also has the same tattoo on his hand and face. The tattoos aren’t a bad quality, however, the three of them will now be joined for life, by Ben Franklin.

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