In this week’s round-up of tattoos, we have a sweet celebrity matching tattoo story and a not-so-sweet story from Tattoo Fixers. Brace yourself…

Matching tattoos for celebrity couple Chrissy Teigen and John Legend

This week, one of everyone’s favourite Hollywood couples got inked! Chrissy Teigen and John Legend got matching tattoos in tribute to their family. John’s reads, “Chrissy – Luna – Miles” and Chrissy’s reads, “John – Luna – Miles.” This wasn’t the only ink for the model either, as she got a little heart tattooed on the inside of her pointer finger too. Daniel Winter was the tattoo artist to ink the couple, and he’s known in the celeb world. He has tattooed a long list of famous faces, including Lady Gaga, Mandy Moore, Emma Roberts, Demi Lovato and another celeb couple, Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner.

Tattoo Fixers to the rescue

If you want to laugh at horrific tattoos, cringe, or give yourself a reminder that tattoos are permanent, then Tattoo Fixers will do exactly that. A lot of people have been appalled at one mother’s tattoo. Raya shocked everyone with her bum tattoo, which went something along the lines of ****tunnel… we will leave you to figure it out! The woman got the tattoo after her boyfriend and her boyfriend’s boss dared her to do it on holiday. Luckily, the tattoo has now been replaced with an artistic flower.

Tattoos for free food?

We were certainly interested in a story that The Take Out ran this week! They reported on a food brand called Arby’s, which was giving away tattoos for free for anyone willing to get “Arby’s” tattooed on them, or to get one of their signature cheddar and beef sandwiches tattooed. This caused the company to do some digging, and they found that in Russia, you can get free pizza for life if you get the Domino’s logo tattoed on you. That’s right; free pizza for LIFE! Would you do it?

Colin Farrell regrets one of his former tattoos

Colin Farrell has opened up about one of his former tattoos that he regrets. While a rose tattoo may not sound too bad, the actor said that his resembled a “cat’s ass on a chopstick.” If that wasn’t bad enough, Farrell is convinced that the person who did the tattoo had never done one before.

Harry Potter fans… meet Eddy Lou

Finally, we have a story for all of you Harry Potter fans out there! Eddy Lou is an illustrative and blackwork tattoo artist, living in New South Wales in Australia. Why should you care? Well, her specialty is Harry Potter tattoos! Check out her Instagram (eddylou) to see some of her amazing creations. They’ll have you booking a flight to Australia!