Pic by CATERS News – (Pictured: Jennifer Crockill, 30, from Garston, Liverpool) 

Creme Egg Addict Shows Her Love

We’re all probably feeling pretty sick of chocolate now Easter has been and gone for the year, but this is not the case for self-proclaimed Cadburys Creme Egg addict Jennifer Crockill from Liverpool. Crockill has been eating at least one creme egg every day for over 10 years, resulting in over 3650 eggs in total. Crockill’s obsession with creme eggs has resulted in her house being stocked with just about every Creme Egg product available and most recently, she went a step further. In quite possibly the boldest move a Creme Egg ambassador can make, she had a Creme Egg tattoo on her hip. She now looks forward to a life where a Creme Egg is permanently on her person.

Tattoos Bring Cancer Patients Confidence

A tattoo studio in New Jersey is offering women the chance to regain their body confidence after having a mastectomy. Kris Fernicola is the founder of the studio and pioneer of the remarkably realistic areola tattoos offered to customers who have been suffering from cancer. Fernicola opened the studio after years of studying realism and art and then working as a wig stylist and make-up artist for women with cancer.

“It gave me back my body and my sense of self. It’s priceless to get your emotions back in check.” said one of the studio’s happy customers.

Controversial Tattoos

Tattoos can be truly stunning. They can be truly awful. They can also be truly controversial. When it comes to unusual places to have a tattoo, having one on your forehead is probably one of the rarer choices. Self-proclaimed ‘trans alien’ and hand-poke tattoo artist Ectoplasm recently picked a rather controversial design for his husband to tattoo on his forehead. The scene depicts a mass hanging, including the body of what looks to be a child. When he closes his eyes, his eyelids read ‘kill me’. What do you think?


Semicolons for Suicide

Just over 250 people got a semicolon tattooed on them last week, in order to raise awareness about suicide. The semicolon has become a symbol for mental health and suicide awareness over the last few years. The idea began in Blackburn, Lancashire, devised by Danielle Shaw after her father committed suicide 3 years ago. Word spread via the Facebook page, and before long 86 tattoo studios around the world had agreed to take part. Chris Walker, of Grafix Studio in Blackburn, was happy to take part: “I’m glad we got involved for this good cause as if it helps just one person it will have been worth it.”


Live Forever Through Your Tattoos

We may not be able to live forever, but imagine if your tattoos could? American company Save My Ink Forever makes this a reality, by preserving the tattooed skin of people after they die, creating a long-lasting memorial display of their most intimate artwork. The company creates framed art using the actual skin, telling a truly unique story of a person’s life through their ink. Self-educated and celebrated Saskatoon tattoo artist Chris Wenzel had his tattooed skin displayed at the Saskatoon Tattoo Show. It was displayed this weekend at the huge Vancouver Tattoo and Culture Show (19-21 April).