This week in the world of body art news, embroidery tattoos for fans of crafty style hit the headlines, and Busy Philipps shared her badass new tattoo and the story behind it.

Embroidery tattoos (

Tattoos have long since shaken off their less salubrious associations of old, and as more people have embraced the world of body art, the more creative tattooing has become.

One relatively new trend in tattoos is embroidery style tattoos; hyper-realistic multicoloured illustrations designed to look like real embroidery. This style makes for totally unique body art with a much more folksy, homespun feel than some other tattoos.

Busy Philipps’ new tattoo (

Busy Philipps is best known as an actress, influencer, mum and talk show host, and recently released her widely acclaimed memoir. She recently shared her newest tattoo on Instagram – an illustration taken from her book, which shows an ice skater tracing out the words ‘fuck ’em’.

Though many commentators complimented her tattoo, others accused her of getting a tattoo unsuitable for her young daughters to see. Philipps’ sassy response? “I tell them that these are words to live by. Especially as a woman.” You can’t say fairer than that!

Loving dad gets tattoo to match his daughter’s scar (

When David Hopper’s daughter, Charli, was born with three holes in her heart, the new dad and his partner were devastated. But after a gruelling open-heart surgery when she was just 12 weeks old, NHS surgeons saved the day and gave Charli and her family the chance of a normal childhood.

Now 11, the scar from Charli’s surgery as a baby had become an embarrassment – so Dad took matters into his own hands, and got a scar tattooed to match. Now the dad and daughter have matching scars, and an unbreakable bond. Charli said: “My mum says my scar is like a medal of what I have been through. I’m really happy because I like the fact I’m not the only one with the scar.”

83-year-old tattooed at a convention in Carlisle (

An 83-year-old woman became the unexpected star of the show at the North Lakes Tattoo Convention when she stepped up to the plate for her second tattoo. Having attended the show to thank the tattoo artist who completed her first tattoo aged 80, Bridget Kenny made the impulsive decision to get another live at the show.

Annual Thai tattoo festival takes place (

The ancient art of Sak Yants is when tattoos are etched into the skin by Buddhist monks in Thailand, designed to protect and bring luck to the wearer. However, it’s believed that the supernatural power wielded by these tattoos wears off over time, so each year they are blessed at the Wai Kru festival.

Those with tattoos pay their respects to the Buddha and the monks who serve him and thousands of people at a time have their tattoos re-blessed. This vibrant annual festival is chaotic but beautiful, and not to be missed by any cultured lover of tattoos and body art.