Here’s a round up of news and views from early March 2019 designed to prick your interest and keep you ‘inked in’ to what’s trending in tattoos!

“Tattoo therapy: How ink helps sexual assault survivors heal”

CNN’s Nina Avramova reports on a new study focusing on how tattooing can act as an alternative therapy to help heal survivors of sexual assault. The study explores the stories of individuals who share their experiences and images of their inspirational tattoos. Avramova also writes about the influence of Lady Gaga who has joined with survivors in getting matching geometric rose tattoos as a sign of unity.

One contributor, Luanne Nelson describes how her tattoo of mountains and a night sky has helped her take back control. She says, “A part of the healing process is not being afraid to live your truth and to understand that these events may help shape you, but they do not define you.”

Jessica Alba boasts has stars in her eyes and on her arm!

Actress and businesswoman Jessica Alba has uploaded a picture of three new tattoos on her forearm onto her Instagram feed. Each tattoo shows a different star constellation to reflect the birth signs of the three children she shares with husband Cash Warren. Doctor Woo, her LA-based tattoo artist has inked the signs of Gemini, Leo and Capricorn to symbolise Honor (10), Haven (7) and Hayes (1) so that she can take them with her wherever she goes. Alba has previously spoken about her other inkings which include a ladybird and a daisy behind her neck, a bow on her back, and the Sanskrit word Padma (Sacred Lotus) on her right wrist.

Tattooed man claims he has ‘needle phobia’!

London’s Metro newspaper reports that tattooed driver Rudi Gomes (29) refused a drug test wanted by Surrey police claiming that he was scared of needles. Police officers who had stopped him only to detect a strong smell in his vehicle expressed surprise when they realised that he was covered in tattoos. PC Tom Van Der Wee said, ‘he claimed he had a phobia of needles, despite having a number of tattoos on both arms.’ He was later sentenced to a community order, disqualified from driving and ordered to pay costs and a victim surcharge. Read more.

Peter Andre’s mysterious tattoo transformation

Like Jennifer Alba, celebrity Peter Andre has turned to Instagram to post images of himself and his tattoos. However, unlike Alba’s inks, Andre’s tattoos are not set to last for the long term. The photos show how he transformed his appearance for his lead role in upcoming US movie ‘The Inheritance’ using temporary tattoos. In the pictures he sits heavily inked in a sleeveless black T-shirt and looking surprisingly mean and lean. Andre plays Harry, a singer who has seen better days and spirals down a path of self-destruction. It was announced last month that The Inheritance had already been nominated for two Hollywood film festivals. In his recent post he includes the news that the film has also just been nominated for the Manhattan Film Festival, adding ‘reach for the stars and occasionally you will land on one.’