A photo emerged on Facebook this week of a homeless man who was reportedly paid €100 (£89) by a group of British tourists on a stag do to get the name of the groom tattooed on his head.  Disgusting right?
An online fundraiser on Go Fund Me has been set up by Karen Cowles, the president of the Benidorm British Business Association in order to help Tomek get the facial tattoo removed, you can support/view this here!  – At the time of writing, they had reached €400 of their €3000 goal.

“We are raising fund to help Tomak have the tattooed removed from his face and receive medical help that he needs.” – Karen Maling Cowles, President of the Benidorm British Business Association.

The Independent has compiled a list of the most cliche tattoos according to various tattoo artists… As Chelsea Ritschel states “Tattoos may be about self-expression but that doesn’t mean the art is without repetition – especially with a design, style, or symbol becomes popular. Can you guess any of them before you look?

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Tattoo Ole, said to be the world’s oldest tattoo shop may be closing after running for 134 years. According to the Metro, the parlour that first opened in 1884 and had clients ranging from sex workers to DAnish royals but is now threatened with closure as the owner faces a court battle to stop it being turned into a kitchen for the restaurant next door. The case is due to go to court on 14 September but petitioners are hoping it won’t come to that!

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One in 8 American adults regret getting at least one of their tattoos according to the US food and drug administration, fortunately for your younger self, there are ways in which you can go about erasing your once permanent past decisions. Thankfully the Huffington post has, with the help of experts, compiled an a-z of what to expect when getting a tattoo removed. Read the full article here. 

Tattoo removal procedures offer people the option to wipe out their unwanted inks by means of an in-office procedure. But how does the process work? What can you expect from a session? – WALDEMAR BLAZEJ NOWAK, HUFF POST