There are two kinds of people in this world; Those who say they love pizza, and those who are willing to go the extra mile to prove they love pizza by getting the Domino’s logo tattooed on their bodies. A shocking number of people got tattoos of the Domino’s logo in hopes of scoring free pizza for life. Read more here! 

“The campaign was launched by the independent master franchisee in Russia exclusively for their market,” – A spokesperson for Domino’s

What do you think the biggest trend in tattoos is at the moment? Check your favorite tattoo artists’ feeds, and you’ll notice that teeny tiny ***** is popping up more than often than you’d expect… Any guesses what? Find out here what refinery29 think! 

Good news for Ibiza based Tattoo enthusiasts, the Ibiza tattoo convention takes place this weekend at the Hard Rock Hotel, organized by the Ibiza Culture Association. The event runs from Friday 7th September to Sunday 9th September through daytime and into the evening, featuring over 80 tattoo artists from Ibiza including El Flaco Tattoo and Tattikis Tattoo Ibiza. Read more here!  

Judges will be assessing the work of tattooists at the show with prizes awarded at the end with categories such as best traditional style, ones depicting realism and the overall best tattoo. – Ibiza Spotlight Magazine

Are you interested in Ariana Grande’s tattoo collections, here’s a very important guide to every single one of them! Courtesy of Cosmopolitan… Yawn.
Read it here! 


E4s ‘tattoo fixers’ is taking on applications for the new series, interested? apply here! 

Not the most exciting week, here’s to the next one.