Are you interested in another story of a celebrity who thought with his heart over his head? If the answers yes then you’ll love our first highlight… According to Cosmopolitan, when Pete Davidson decided he wanted to cover up his tattoo of ex-girlfriend Cazzie David, he called his friend and legendary tattoo artist Jon Mesa to handle it. Skip ahead a year and the same thing has happened again, this time with pop singer Ariana Grande… You can view the cover-up on Jon’s Instagram here and you can view the full article here!


Not feeling a sleeve or huge thigh piece? Then has the answer for you! They’ve collated 25 minimalist tattoo ideas that prove less really is more! Can you view the full article here!

Whether you want to pay homage to your favorite city with a simple skyline, or celebrate your love of nature with delicate petals and leaves, it’s hard to go wrong with a minimalist tattoo. –

And from one extreme to another, have you got a tattoo idea but can’t afford it? Can’t be bothered to save but always dream of showing off that rosy red new sleeve? Annoying isn’t it! Well, fret no more because a tattoo studio in Hull has become the first to offer monthly installments… Best part? It’s interest-FREE! Read the full article here! 

“I was in Curry’s buying a laptop, and they told me I could pay for it over 12 months with no interest, and I suddenly thought it would be really good idea for tattoos as well,” Mr Osman said. “When you want something which can cost thousands of pounds, it makes perfect sense to pay for it in instalments.

Back in 1862, King Edward VII had a Jerusalem cross tattooed on his arm during a visit to the holy land and twenty years late, in 1882, King George V was tattooed during his trip to Japan… HELLO magazine have listed 5 royal members who have tattoos – and you’ll never guess who! Find out here! 

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