What’s happened in the world of tattoos this week?

This week the UK was captive of a massive heatwave for the majority of the week, a new prime minister moved into number 10 and a British teen wins 1.8 million pounds after coming 2nd in the e-sports Fortnite world cup. In the world of tattoos things have been more on the lukewarm side, but nevertheless, here are this weeks tattoo news stories.

James Corden superfan gets a special tattoo:

If you’re a fan of Gavin and Stacey (who isn’t?) you’ll know that this year they’re bringing fans something they’ve wanted for ages, a new episode! This will be aired on Christmas Day and is currently being filmed in Barry. The filming kicked off earlier this month and last week during the hottest day on record, it included James Cordon spending numerous hours in the boiling hot sun whilst filming one of the scenes in a Christmas get up. Of course, when word broke out of the production, people travelled from afar to meet Corden who is huge in the US at the moment.

Including 19-year-old Nicole who drove over 100 miles to meet Corden, luckily for her it eventually paid off, not only did she get to meet the star, she managed to bag an autograph on her leg and kiss him on the cheek as well. Nicole did tell Corden she then planned to get it tattooed on her, in which he replied telling her not to, but of course, she did it anyway! Well, the tattoo is going to last a lot longer than a marker pen, nice one Nicole!

(Original story reported on Wales Online)

Shawn Mendes gets a tattoo designed by a fan:

One Shawn Mendes fan was in for a shock when he got a tattoo of a drawing she did in a piece of fan art for the singer. Kayla took to write and advised that he’d look amazing with a butterfly tattoo on his bicep and put a tattoo she’d edited on to a picture of the star. What happened next is any fans dream, he messaged her and asked her if he could have the design to actually get it tattooed! The pair exchanged messages where of course she passed on the design to Shawn and the rest was history, the next slot with his tattoo artist who is Toronto based Livia Tsang was booked and he now proudly shows off the butterfly ink, as does the tattoo artist and Kayla.

(The story was originally reported on Cosmopolitan)

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Liverpool star gets inked to commemorate his biggest achievement yet:

Finally, Liverpool star Roberto Firmino has posted a picture on Instagram showing off his glorious new ink with the world, the star who is heavily tattooed took his ink to the next level by getting his biggest career achievement tattooed on his back, in which he helped Liverpool win the Champions League against Madrid, the picture in which the ink was taken from is ‘Bobby’ proudly holding up the cup, it really is an amazing moment to have capture and a fantastic piece of ink to go with it.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this weeks instalment of tattoo news!