From animal sanctuary fundraisers to portraits of Royal Navy servicemen and women with their tattoos, this week’s tattoo news shows just how fast the industry is growing.

This week saw celebrity tattoo artist JonBoy opening a new studio – in a New York hotel! His microscopic, highly detailed ink has scored him a global reputation, with celebrity clients like Kendall Jenner, Chloe Grace Moretz and Zayn Malik. Instead of opening a traditional tattoo shop, his new address is inside the Moxy Times Square Hotel. Why a hotel? Well, in an interview with Forbes about his new venture, he said, “I am all about being flashy. And obviously I have people that travel from all over the world to get tattooed by me, so what better way of having that experience and coming to Times Square, staying at the Moxy, enjoying the food here?” Room service and a tattoo anyone?

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In some more heartwarming tattoo news, Black Sheep Tattoo Studios in Leek have released some gorgeous flash designs to raise money for a local animal sanctuary. Charity collaborations with tattoo studios are a great idea; it’s hard to beat beautiful ink and saving animals. The designs include pine cones, pigs and bumblebees- wildlife lovers will adore these beautiful tattoos. The profits from the tattoos, which cost between £20 and £40 each, will all go to the animal sanctuary that opened earlier this year, which aims to provide shelter for neglected animals.

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Trust The Sun to show the very worst of tattoos. With the cleverly thought out title – ‘Tat’s Enough’, their gallery shows tattoos we thought had been left behind decades ago. If a terrible tattoo makes you groan, then avoid this article. From spelling mistakes to letting family members tattoo dolphins to an incredibly creepy Karl Pilkington tattoo, their catalogue of tattoo mistakes reminds us why great tattoos are worth paying for. ‘These horrible tattoos reveal why you should ink twice before sharing photos of your new body art online’ they say, and the puns are truly awful.

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In other tattoo news, The Telegraph looked at royal navy tattoos and what they mean in a recent photo dispatch story. This photo gallery shows tattooed Royal Navy servicemen and women, with ink ranging from a giant tiger back piece to classic swallows, anchors and ships. One photo of Chief Petty Officer Tracy Wilson shows her hand tattoo, ‘which is now permissible under the new rules’. With many photos of officers on the ships and at work, it shows just how personal and unique tattoos are, and how they have been a part of Navy history for decades. Anthony Upton’s unique photos show an intimate and intelligent appreciation for tattooing and some of the art featured in this piece is incredible.

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