Thank god for the Independent. they released an article this week which states that based on a survey, tattoos of someone’s name are the most commonly regretted design… NO SH*T SHERLOCK! If you’re interested, give this a read.

“People may also just assume that people were young, naive, or victims of their own poor judgement if they regret having a tattoo. This survey actually shows us a more complex picture. There are countless reasons why people get tattoos, but there are an equal number of reasons why they get them removed. Frequently, these reasons are not necessarily associated.- Survey

Ask any tattoo artist and they’ll tell you this “getting a tattoo is the easy part but taking care of it is where the real work begins. Once the needle lifts off your skin, the ink settles and that numbing tingle fades, it’s time to take your new baby home and, well, baby it. gives us their full run down on how to take care of that new tattoo. You can read the full thing here! Very interesting.

A heartwarming story from the metro now, a doting dad has gone the extra mile to help his son come to terms with his scar, grab a kleenex and read this here!

He said: ‘I’m hoping that he’s going to be excited that I have the scar too, and won’t be self-conscious. ‘It’s to symbolise that if I could have taken the scar, I would have. ‘Now he’s not the only one who will have a scar for life.’

The owners of a popular tattoo shop have been forced to close after they had thousands of pounds-worth of money and equipment stolen in a break in. Black Dragon Tattoo Studio is Newton Abbot will be ‘closed for further notice’ after they had all of their equipment and more than £4000 in cash stolen from the shop. Read the full story here.

“They have taken all 15 of our tattoo machines which are worth between £300 and £600 each and over £4,000 in cash so we have had to close the shop as they have taken all the equipment we need to trade.” – Owner Louise Botterill

Imagine being so annoyed with a rail service that you actually decide to have a tattoo about it… Sound strange? Well, that’s exactly what Ruari Barratt, from Whitehawk, Brighton decided to do. He had “Southern Rail are sh*t” tattooed on his ribs!
Read the full story here! 

“Getting this done doesn’t hurt nearly as much as a Southern Rail journey. “I might end up regretting it but the point of this is to make a statement about Southern Rail.” – Ruari Barratt