Fan of Elvis? Fancy the chance to continue the king’s legacy within yourself? “What are you talking about Kez!” – WELL tattoo lovers! According to The Daily Star, a unique Kickstarter campaign created by Swiss tattoo SKIN46 are seeking to inject biogenetic material (DNA) into extreme tattoo enthusiasts! Using ink made from hair or other DNA of dead celebrities, loved ones and even animals, you can have a permanent reminder to carry with you for life!… I’ll let you make up your own mind on that one!

“Being connected with the King of Rock & Roll is now possible. In a way, nobody would probably ever expect. – SKIN46 Spokesman

Have you heard of Black Henna? No? Me either… Long story short the BBC has posted an article about a young lady who was recently scarred for life after having black henna whilst on Holiday in Turkey. It essentially looks like a temporary tattoo, which artists promise will come off naturally within a few weeks. A thick black paste is applied, usually in a similar pattern to those done with brown, natural henna. Unlike natural henna, black henna contains high levels of hair dye chemicals.. Conclusion: AVOID!  ” Read more here

“It was really freaky, I didn’t know what was going on. I’d never even heard of black henna.” – Mary Bates

DO YOU LOVE DAVID BECKHAM? Most people do… The former England Captain, who seems to get better with age (annoyingly), has scored more than 110 goals for England, married a spice girl and has more than fifty tattoos covering his body from quotes, biblical text, and even tributes to his wife and children… Well, The Mirror have compiled a full list of each tattoo and their meaning… enjoy?

Do you ever consider getting a tattoo and back out because you’re worried you’ll regret it later? NO? Oh.. well maybe you’re cooler than I thought HOWEVER Bustle assisted by various artist from around the world have compiled 7 tattoo design tips so you won’t regret it years later… Read more here 

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