Ant McPartlin shows off new “meaningful” tattoo

Ant McPartlin has been photographed showing off a new arrow tattoo which he has revealed has “personal meaning”. The large tattoo is visible on his forearm, and he has assured fans that the meaning behind it is very positive. He seems to be a fan of such meaningful tattoos, sporting an S for ‘Sober’ on his right wrist and another tattoo on his left wrist with an unknown meaning. It is no secret that Ant has been having troubles in his personal life, and it is great for the tattoo community that such a high-profile individual is using skin art to represent a positive message about his struggles.


Budweiser celebrates boldness in South Korea to tackle stigma around tattoo culture

In a new advertising campaign, Budweiser is hoping to challenge the stigma around tattoos and tattooists in South Korea. The conservative country currently doesn’t allow tattoos to be drawn without special permission from the government, forcing the tattooists to go underground and the tattooed to cover up in public. The Budweiser campaign is called ‘Be a King’, and it uses film, photography and art, along with a limited-edition can and profiles of 12 young Koreans who have broken the law to get tattoos. The aim is to help shift mainstream attitudes by revealing the contribution these artists make to Korean cultural identity.


Kylie Jenner and best friend Stassie get matching tattoos following Jordyn Woods drama

Mere months after cutting ties with Jordyn Woods, Kylie Jenner has made a bold gesture of friendship with Anastasia Karanikolaou. She and the model, who is better known as StassieBaby, got matching ink that pays tribute to Kylie’s daughter, Stormi. The Kardashian took to Instagram to reveal the new ink to her 135 million followers. It is just above her elbow, and it has to be a significant declaration of friendship to get a permanent tattoo dedicated to your best friend’s daughter. This new joint inking comes after a big hint that the friendship between Kylie Jenner and Jordyn Woods is well-and-truly over.


Woman’s stunning tattoo embraces mastectomy scars

A breast cancer survivor has had a large tattoo inked across her double mastectomy scars in a message of positivity about her new body. She started the tattoo two years after her surgery when she decided it was time to celebrate the scars and stop hiding from the world. And it was not just any artist who helped transform her body into an incredible work of art; it was none other than David Beckham’s ‘angel’ tattooist, Louis Molloy. Around 24 hours have gone into the creation of the tattoo so far, and she’s already considering what to get next. She even made sure to capture the remarkable transformation in a video. Having tattoos inked over significant scars is a growing trend, and a fantastic way for people to celebrate their survival of whatever caused the scarring. People have done the same over scars from self-harm and injuries from accidents or even combat.