“I love Post Malone as much as the next guy but whyyyy tattoo ‘always tired’ on your face,” one person wrote, adding: “Don’t your eye bags say it enough? Mine sure as hell do.” – Fan on Post Malone’s Instagram post

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American tattoo artist Gabrielle Rainbow has told NewBeauty that she has been “crazy busy” since the Royal Wedding after being inundated with faux-freckle requests.

FRECKIN’ ELL! People are going barmy over the Royal wedding including copying Meghan Marke’s freckles as royal fans join the freckle tattoo hype!  Read more here! 

“The scariest tattoo parlous in the world has once again opened it’s doors for business for a third season of “Just tattoo of us” – MTV

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“craved to know what the feeling was like” – Amber Luke AKA Blue Eyes White Dragon

How many tattoos did you have at 23?… 5? 10? 25? That’s nothing compared to this 23-year-old from Australia who has spent almost £6,000 on tattoos after developing a tattoo addiction at the young age of 16… She has also split her tongue and inked her eyeballs blue… Read more here!