It takes a certain kind of individual to appear on a show like Just Tattoo of Us. After all, what kind of sane, unassuming person would let someone leave a hideous permanent mark on their bodies just for a bit of telly time? – CHRISTIAN GUILTENANE

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Imagine being HIV positive, wanting a tattoo and you get rejected for someone you can’t control… Well, that’s exactly what happened to a student in Bolton after he informed the tattoo store.
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“My personal opinion is that, even if I was insured, I personally wouldn’t want to do it, because there still is a risk. Why take a chance of a risk, and spreading the virus?” – Store Owner Daniel Weston

Imagine spending thousands on tattoos your entire life only for you to pass away and your body to rot away into nothing, well worry no longer… One Cleveland, Ohio business has found the perfect way to preserve your tattoos for generations to enjoy!…  Read more here!  Interestingly this has been heard of before, Tim Steiner has a work of art inked on him but.. he’s only the “temporary frame”… Read more on that here!

“My skin belongs to Rik Reinking now,” he says. “My back is the canvas, I am the temporary frame.”

The Football Association, Gareth Southgate and leading Football pundits have offered their support to Manchester City Player Raheem Sterling after the England forward revealed a tattoo on his right leg receiving criticism from anti-gun campaigners. He said on his Instagram that it reflected his vow to “Never touch a gun” after his father was shot dead when he was a boy.

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